LinkedIn Setup - How To Whip Your Jobseeker Profile Into Shape!

By Social-Hire

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Social media has turned job searching on its head - and it can be argued that recruiting has been transformed even more so.

Some simple LinkedIn setup steps can help ensure the modern jobseeker is well positioned to benefit from at least some of these changes. Let's understand why - and then walk you through the LinkedIn setup steps you ought to be following (as a minimum).

Why is it important you setup your LinkedIn jobseeker profile correctly?

Probably the most significant impact social media has had on the recruiting landscape is to have allowed far more recruiting to be undertaken by making direct approaches to candidates... rather than by sitting back and waiting for applications to be prompted by a job advertisement. This is a trend we've affectionately dubbed #splearch.

The obvious implication of this is that to be considered for as many openings as possible, you need to be easily found by recruiters trawling social networks for potential hires. If many roles aren't being advertised today - but are instead being filled by approaching candidates directly using the #splearch tactic - then you will simply not be considered for roles if your social media profiles are not being easily found by recruiters... and compelling them to want to take action and contact you when they do find them.

We share more advanced LinkedIn and social media tactics for jobseekers each day via Our Top Picks For Candidates. But for now, the following steps from the team at ComeRecommended will help jobseekers do what's necessary to have at least a basic professional presence on LinkedIn established.


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