Make the Job Search End Sooner - Five Key Tips for an Effective Search

By Matt Milstead

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Life is full of challenges, but one of those most difficult definitely goes to searching for a job. No matter what industry you are searching in, companies are hesitant to hire, which means you need to put just a bit more effort than usual into your search.

When it comes to the job search, perseverance and determination are important, but there is so much more you can do to make your job search more effective. Below are five of the best tips to ensure that your search is effective and leads to not just a job that you need, but one that you actually want.





Become a PR Agent for You

When you think about it, looking for a job is a lot like marketing, and in this case you are marketing yourself. An article by Business Insider states that the first steps to marketing yourself to potential employers is to answer a few basic questions like what about you are you marketing, who you are marketing to, and why you are marketing yourself.

Once you've covered the basics, start building materials that reflect what you can offer. These items include your resume, cover letter, business cards, portfolios, interview responses, and the like. In addition, be aware of who your competitors are and of their qualifications and set yourself apart.

By keeping a consistent theme throughout these materials, you can easily target the audience you are aiming for. Once you establish yourself into a brand, you can represent yourself on social media, at job fairs, in conferences, and even to friends and acquaintances that may have the job you are looking for.


Embrace Business in Your Area

When it comes to the job search, most job seekers stick to online mediums to find jobs. Rather than search far and wide and through the web, you can embrace the resources that you have in your own area. For example, a few resources include Business Partnership Associations and other local business organizations in your area.

By becoming a member and going to local meetings, you not only increase your chances of finding a job in a business you are interested in, but you also become a vital member of your community and show to businesses that you care.



Rewire Your Online Search

Endlessly searching through job boards online is a daunting and unnecessary process. It is also highly ineffective. Another more effective option is to search via search engine and utilize keywords like "expanding," "hiring," and "seeking employees." Ochre Recruitment, a popular recruitment resource suggests that you do not forget to add your zip code and region for results in your area.

To further enhance this method, you can also take your search to another level by utilizing other technologies. EWeek noted that top talent employees typically utilize their smart phones and tablets to search and apply for jobs.


Be Creative in Promoting Yourself

For individuals hardwired with the old school resume method, this point may be a bit difficult to comprehend – but it does have its advantages. These days, rather than blend in with the crowd, you can make yourself stand out by using multimedia as a way to present your talents, skills, and past work experience. One option that has become increasingly popular is the "slideshow" resume.

This type of resume presents you in a dynamic manner and it visualizes your talents. Another idea is to create a blog or a website that showcases your interests, past work experiences, and things that you are passionate about.

You can add links to your LinkedIn account and other social media platforms, or even articles that you've written. If you really want to get creative – turn your resume into a video starring you.


Put Your Goals into Perspective

The issue with job searches is that they can seriously put pressure on you to stray from your career goals. Don't let your passion slide out of desperation. Rather than give up, put your goals into perspective by making a list of companies that you dream on working for. Your target list can help you research the companies you want to work for and tailor your resume to their specific needs.

Constantly check their online jobs board, their past hires, what they are interested in, and so forth. By keeping up with this type of information, you will not only know a great deal about these companies and prepare for your interview, but you'll keep your goals in perspective.

Searching for a job is a difficult, stressful, and unenjoyable process, but with a more effective approach to your search, you can make the journey end much quicker than it would otherwise. Taking the above tips into account, you'll be able to meet success sooner so that you can successfully continue on your professional journey.

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