Making Your Resume Pop – Getting in Those Visuals

By Pat Fredshaw

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You have many ways to create a resume and resume extenders that will engage and compel hiring managers to take a good long look at you. Here are three things you should do right now, if you are in a job search or anticipating one.

  • Put an infographic or two on your resume to demonstrate your achievements
  • Get infographics, a portfolio and other media on your web-based profiles
  • Consider a personal web page on which you can visually present yourself and your experience/portfolio/performance

There is no reason not to do these things, given that fact that there are some great online tools that will help you create stunning visuals. Here are 9 of them. This is a free tool for creating infographics and resumes or CV’s. There are over 100 templates, with a huge number of options for theme, objects, backgrounds, shapes, text, etc. More are available with the pro version. Watch the demo video – you’ll be impressed.


CVMKR: Having your resume or CV in the cloud has advantages. This site lets you create yours through establishing an account. Here is all that you can do.

  1. Templates and tips and easy ways to revise and edit.
  2. Export the finished products to your social media profiles
  3. Send them in response to openings
  4. Track all that have been sent out and to whom.
  5. Nice to have everything all in one place. Good basics.


ResumeUp: Plenty of options here

  1. Pick your template – text only, text and visual combinations
  2. Import your information – resume/cv is created
  3. 3 pricing plans: basic text is free; other plans for combinations are $54 and $72 per year.


EssaySupply: Custom-designed resumes and CV’s with following benefits:

  1. Team of writers from your professional niche and professional designers
  2. Options for text or combination text and visuals.
  3. Resumes/CV’s designed for individual organizations based on research
  4. Each resume/CV personally created from scratch – no canned templates


KickResume: Cloud-based full service resume building site including the following:

  1. Templates based on recruiter approval
  2. Text only or Combination
  3. Import from LinkedIn or any other source
  4. Save for revision and editing or download in PDF
  5. Accessible from any device
  6. Editing and proofreading of your existing resume/CV
  7. Templates individually priced


Resume: An online resume builder with several samples and templates. Features are as follows:

  1. Save on site for revision and editing
  2. Sharing and sending from the site
  3. Create multiple versions
  4. Export to social media profiles
  5. Clearinghouse for employers/job seekers
  6. Basic templates – no visuals


VisualCV: Here you will build a resume or CV that will have as many visuals as you wish. Additional features available are:

  1. Building portfolios and landing pages
  2. Choose from 15 free templates
  3. Pro Plans include many more templates, as well as assistance with portfolios and landing pages
  4. Premium Plan includes personal assistance
  5. Save or download in PDF format


ResumeBuilder: Resume Builder is a basic method of creating a resume in three steps, using traditional templates. There is a link to tips, but other than that you craft your own as follows:

  1. Enter your career field and specific positons within that field
  2. Select from among the possible templates for that field
  3. Plug in your information and publish it in PDF format
  4. Save or Download The resume you create on this site will be fully visual – text will be minimal. You will demonstrate your background and accomplishments through infographics. The process is clear and step-by-step.

  1. Create an account
  2. Enter your data
  3. Select an infographic template
  4. Choose options – theme, style, background, color, font, etc.
  5. Save on your dashboard – revise and edit at any time

With so many options for resume creation, there is no excuse for you not to explore them all and select one or more of these resume/CV services. Time to update!

What do you think of these newer visual resume/CV concepts? Do you believe all employers are ready for these newer designs?  Leave our comments below.

Photo from Workopolis

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