3 Things You Need To Add To Your Christmas Campaigns

By Laurie Wood

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Whether you’re promoting a giveaway, discount or brand awareness campaign when it gets to December… or November you should think about incorporating a little bit of Christmas magic. It will show you’re no Grinch to the season and will contribute to your fans excitement over Christmas… if they’re not already looking forward to it!

November might be too early for Christmas music, but it certainly isn’t for you to start creating some festive Christmas graphics! Graphics don’t have to be over complicated, it could simply be an image of your logo wearing a Christmas hat! Try using Canva. It’s this awesome, free graphic creating website where they have loads of templates for you to work with or take inspiration from. Remember, don’t just post a Christmas graphic for the sake of Christmas, it needs to re-affirm your brand and/or sell your product/service.

Another idea is to replace your cover and your profile photos. If you went down this route I recommend changing your cover/profile photos on all platforms, so to be consistent.



You can create a Facebook photo frame to promote events, create awareness or push a product. The great thing about Facebook frames is they can be incorporated by the public and lead to an increase of organic advertising.


Enhance your festive graphics with creative copywriting and don’t forget the use of emojis as they can boost your customer happiness! In need of a Christmas vocabulary Dictionary? Click here and type your … jingle bells… away? Okay, that didn’t work, which is a lesson learned, don’t force it if it doesn’t sound right or looks like you’re trying too hard.

You should also consider Christmas hashtags. It might be tempting to use the most popular #Christmas for example, which was used 89,522,191 times on Instagram alone in 2017, but think about the traffic, think about how easily lost your content could become? John Lewis tailored their hashtag last year to become #JohnLewisChristmas. It promotes Christmas and their brand. Good work!




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