One Spot Wonder: Applying at a Job Fair

By Recruiter - Patricia Ticzon - TeleTech

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Aside from the internet, one of the easiest ways to apply for a job is to attend a job fair. A job fair or a career expo, is an event where employers and recruiters meet with potential jobseekers. These are usually held in public venues such as trade halls or campuses or even within the company premises. You will often see tables and booths of companies where you can submit your resume and get interviewed on the spot.

Job fairs are sponsored by various people or companies. The event is one of the most convenient places for you to find a job since a number of companies from different industries usually join. Aside from convenience, a job fair is also a good place to build your network, where you can interact with different recruiters as well as other jobseekers. Others may find applying at a job fair taxing because of the crowd but keep in mind being prepared for the event can help you get the most of it, and possibly get hired at the end of the day. Here are some tips how to prepare for applying in a job fair:

1. Requirements, requirements, requirements. Job fairs will have a lot of companies participating and you should prepare several copies of your resume (a generic one would be preferred as opposed to a resume that is tailor-fit for a certain position), a portfolio of your sample works, and even your business cards.

Job fair essentials also include a pen, for filling out application forms, and a notebook, for you to jot down contact details of the people you would be networking with.

2. Set a game plan. Research is the key! Like any event, a job fair is announced beforehand – on print, radio, tv or online. Some organizers also include a list of the participating employers in their announcement, and from there you may want to list where you want to apply.

Typically, a job fair runs for a whole day. When you get to the location, take note of which companies you want to apply for. Some recruiters conduct interviews as soon as you give them your resumes while others may keep you waiting in line.

Also, it helps if you bring a bottle of water, crackers and some candy to keep your energy up for the day.

3. Dress to impress! But also remember to dress comfortably. Wear something that you would in an actual job interview in an office while still being comfortable in your shoes since you will be going around a lot.

 4. Smile. You will be interacting with a lot of people in a job fair, first and foremost and this is a good place to practice your people skills.

Before hand, imagine or practice how you will introduce yourself to employers and other jobseekers. Give them a firm handshake and make eye contact to let them know you mean business.

If something is not clear, ask questions. This shows your enthusiasm and interest for the company. And before ending the conversation, ask for contact details and point person whom you can follow up your application.

Keep in mind these tips and applying at a job fair might be a piece of cake. Plus, maybe at the end of the day, you could go home hired for a job!

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