Pick Up the Phone

By Denise Kalm, BCC, Career Coach

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In a world of tablets and smart phones, texts and IMs, many job seekers never consider the value of verbal communication. As such, picking up the phone or…wait for it…meeting with someone in person…are rare occurrences.  The rarity of these communications can give you a powerful edge if you exploit it.

While it may seem scary to approach a stranger in this way, calling gives you many opportunities that no other communications can deliver.  While non-verbal techniques may seem faster or easier, you miss a lot and you risk miscommunicating your message.  Remember how often someone imputes an emotion to an email you send, an emotion you never meant.  And it’s impossible to have a great dialogue with someone when it isn’t occurring in real time.  You won’t be IMing with many hiring managers, nor will most allow unsolicited texts. 

You will get more questions answered when you are actually speaking to someone.  It offers a chance to show your personality, your confidence and other positive traits.  People connect through this kind of conversation on a deeper level than they would in non-verbal interactions. 

Because it is rarer for people to call or to try to meet in person (prior to an interview), you will be remembered.

And finally, there is no greater gift that you can give someone than to listen to them.  So many people are planning the next comment instead of listening.  If you can listen deeply to someone, you will give them a rare and cherished experience.


Give it a try!  Pick up a phone. Make an appointment. Separate yourself from the pack and land that job.


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