7 Tips to Attract Instagram Followers… Fast!

By Laurie Wood

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Instagram is becoming a very fast-growing network, with a heavy active user base of around 500 million people per day, online. Naturally, this means stiff competition for any new brand approaching this platform to gain attraction. However, the idea of gaining followers in a new, busy environment doesn’t have to feel like a dive in the deep-end.
Below, you can read my advice and tips on gaining followers, fast!

Don’t believe the more you post on Instagram the more impressions and engagement you will receive. Followers don’t want to see your Instagram posts flooding their timeline, it looks to try-hard, spammy and will discourage people to follow. A good rule of thumb is to post between 1-3 times per day. This gives you more control and keeps a happy medium with your followers. On this note, you will only gain followers if you consistently post content. Deciding to abandon your Instagram or become lazy with your posting will result in fewer impressions and decreases follower interest.

An optimal time to post is when you will reach the most followers, which is usually the time of day most of your followers are online. Posting at optimal times will increase your post’s attraction. If you have set up a business account, you can view your Instagram’s Insights which will provide you the days and times most of your followers are active. If not, then I recommend researching to see what other people in your sector suggest. Have a look at SproutSocial‘s recommendations.

Instagram Insights

What is your Instagram going to be all about? Are you promoting a product, services or maybe yourself as an influencer? Once chosen think about the type of content you will be posting, how it will look (filter, tone of colour) and ensure it is consistent. You don’t want to change your theme once you’ve started. Doing so will create a sense of distrust with your brand. Stick with your theme. If you want to start promoting something else via Instagram which doesn’t come under your account’s theme, consider opening up a second Instagram account.

theme 1      theme 2
Share-worthy content is aesthetically pleasing, relatable and interesting to your followers. Tips to create such content include ensuring your photo is high-resolution, make sure your photo is in focus, optimise your scaling so nothing is cropped off the edges and avoid uploading anything with dodgy watermarks.

If you want to grow your follower’s then posting the maximum 30 hashtags is the way to go about it, though this can lead to your posts appearing messy. Another option is to only posts relevant hashtags, ones which accentuate your posts' context. Upon research, there doesn’t seem to be an optimal amount, however, Louise Myers suggests using 11 achieves the most engagement on your post.


How do you want to talk to your followers? It helps if you look into your branding and study your website’s language (if you have one). Speaking formally in posts gives the impression you’re a professional and intelligent brand, though it lacks a personal touch. Speaking informally as if to a friend adds that personal touch, but may not be the best approach if dealing with complaints.

Only if it’s relevant of course, but tagging other much larger accounts will hopefully encourage that account to interact and increase your chances of being seen. Also, engaging with other brands of similar theme’s will get you noticed by their follower’s of the same target audience.


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