Real World Job Seeker Tips for Winning the Social Network Job Search Game


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Navigating the world of social networking can be quite the adventure, especially for a job seeker who is trying to connect with the right people. Going online to a completely new source of job leads, groups and companies spanning the globe may seem a little intimidating at first. While there are pros and cons of using social networks to find a job, it’s important to have the right advice to be successful. After all, social network job searches can be highly productive and give you a bigger picture of what your career may have to offer.

Making Social Job Searches Better

To help you win the game of finding jobs on social media, we decided to get the conversation going with a Quora poll. We asked the general public “Do you think social networking is a good way to find work today?”  The response was a resounding “YES”! Individuals from everywhere started chiming in about their experiences of how they successfully used social media to research, connect with, and land jobs with hiring companies.

As part of the above question, we also asked if people could share their tips for getting more out of a social network job search. Please find below some of the insightful commentary, which may help you as you learn to use social networking for your own job search.  

“It is not what you know, but who you know!”

This is the key to social media job search success – having the right connections for your market. Use social networks to build the number of who you know so you can put yourself in front of the decision makers at targeted companies.

“You are what you present.”

Remember, that social networking means you have to work a little harder to present a great image online. Use social media branding techniques to develop your reputation on social networks. Take care of what you post on social media networks and remember that you need to look like a top professional in your field.

“Quickly track down and start a dialogue with recruiters at your dream employers.”

Shared by Tony Restell, Founder and CEO of Social-Hire, this is a very smart tip for using social media to find a job! Social networks allow you to efficiently research and find the best people at companies you want to work for. Establish a connection with recruiters early on in the job search game.

“Use social network tools to get job alerts”

Another effective way to use social networking in a job search is to set up alerts, using social network management apps and Google alerts. Set up alerts that will send updates on job specific keywords to your email inbox to streamline your job search process.  

“Be proactive and treat this like real work.”

Many people treat social networks like a playground. But as a job seeker, you must view this as your “job” until you land an actual paying one. Take steps to be proactive daily, using social networks to bolster your job search efforts. Share great content and participate in social network communities for the best results.

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