Social Media, Social Resumes and Your Employability

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Who'd have thought that social media would come to play such a key role in your career prospects? You may not realise it, but your social resume is becoming one of the most important success factors in your search for employment. Your social resume may be a carefully crafted profile you've created that showcases your abilities, network, endorsements and social media presence. Or it may be just the footprint - professional and otherwise - that you have left across the social networks you frequent.

For a fuller understanding of social resumes, we turned to Jesse Butler, author of "Social Resume: A Proven Secret within a Powerful Job Search Strategy". Below is a guest post from Jesse in which you'll feel her passion for the importance of social resumes leap out at you from the screen! But we also asked Jesse to kick things off by defining for us what is meant by a social resume. Here's her definition:

Social Resume - an online presence representing you, your skills and accomplishments and showing your creativeness. It combines your multiple social media profiles and presents a brief version of personal, educational, and professional qualifications as that of a job applicant.

The Secret to Getting Socially Hired

by Jesse Butler

Jesse Butler Recession Proof Resumes

Learn to tweet or forget about landing a new job.


Believe it.

Companies admittedly state they will hire based purely on what the applicant tweets. That’s right; they are giving you a mere 140 characters to prove your worth. Then, once you are one of the elite chosen based off your tweet, the organization is going to dig deeper into your twitter profile. They want to know who you know, what you have to say and how you say it.

The social stalking doesn’t stop there. In an instance such as this, having a shortage of online interactions could hamper your chance of employment. Many companies are looking for a high Klout score, larger number of followers and valuable content throughout ALL of your social history. If your profile lacks depth, it could cost you a job. So basically, if you are not taking advantage of social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and even Pinterest you are losing a chance to capitalize on your efforts. 

Be prepared for organizations to snoop around your social profile. 92% of companies plan to use social networks to assist in their recruiting this year. The prospective employers are digging up whatever dirt they can on you, whether it be good or bad. The more prepared you are the better. Consider how a prospective employer will view your latest post or tagged image. Keep posts, tweets, images and pins professional. Show the hiring manager why they should hire you. Don’t give them a reason to reject your application.

Recruiters, hiring firms and companies are not the only ones relying on social networks. Job seekers are reaching out to everyone they know or who may know someone they know in order to land them a job. For every open position an average of over 100 applicants apply.

Stand Out With Your Social Resume

To stand out, job seekers are becoming more inventive with how they display their social presence. Social media allows you to showcase your projects on multiple platforms. Try highlighting your most recent assignment which helped to increase overall company revenue or demonstrate your value with an illustration of your accomplishments. When you are competing with applicants from all corners of the world, you need to put your best foot forward.

Don’t think your competition is restricted to fellow employees. The surge of hiring through social media is increasingly beneficial to professional freelancers as well. Social resumes allow an individual to keep a portfolio of their work that can be easily updated and shared using social networks. This allows the independent to add “proof to their pudding”, displaying their creative side. Organizations prefer social resumes to get a real understanding of what that person would be like to work with.

Make it easier by having all your social profiles organized in one location. Not only will your prospective employer appreciate your structured assembly, they will recognize your tech savvy skills.

Further Reading

For an even better grasp of what a social resume is, how to assemble it, why it will benefit you and where to parade it, get yourself a copy of Social Resume: A Proven Secret within a Powerful Job Search Strategy. Simply go to to get your free copy (also available through Amazon, Google Play or on your Kindle).

About the Author

Jesse Butler founded R.P. Resumes as a hub of resume advice to support those trying to get back on their feet. She is a resume writer and freelance career blogger with five years of recruiting experience offering live resume writing workshops. You can reach Jesse at [email protected] or @rpresumes


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