Stealth Job Search - How to Job Search Without Losing Your Job

By Denise Taylor

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When you already have a job you need to go undercover when looking for a new job, you don't want your boss to know what you are doing.

Here are 10 ways to do just this.

How to Job Search in Stealth Mode

1. Don't discuss your job search with colleagues

No matter how friendly you are with your colleagues, do not tell them of your plans, you can never be sure who they will tell. If you tell one person in confidence, they could mention to to one person and it could easily reach your boss. They could do this to help with their personal agenda but it could also just 'slip out'.

2. Search for a job away from the workplace

You may be able to shop on the net during working hours, but you certainly don't want to be seen browsing job sites. What would you say if your boss sees what you are doing. It may be your lunch break but you are still on work property.,

3. Be cautious with your CV and applications

Rather than include your current organisation and location on your CV you can be more vague and write in general terms. Certainly don't include your work email or mobile number, they could be monitored. It also gives an impression of someone who may commit minor fraud in a new organisation. Also make sure you use business orientated user name. On LinkedIn again make sure to use your personal rather than business contact details

4. Do not use the company copier

Many times we use our work photocopier, but if you use it to copy an application what happens if the paper gets stuck and someone finds a copy of your application form? Far better to avoid this risk.

5. Don't take job related calls at work

Put your mobile through to voice mail, with a personalised message, and return calls at lunch time, away from the office where you will not be over heard.

6. Try to get interviews on your day off or after work

At times you will have no choice but to seek a day off for an interview so make sure you have some holiday left. You may get away with being sick on one or two occasions, but doing this too often will give you a poor sick record which could mean the job offer being withdrawn once they are aware of this. If you need a day off for an interview, ask for a personal day, don't lie and say you are ill. You can say you need to deal with a personal matter and remain brief, don't give any more information.

7. Don't change the way you dress at work

Maybe you will have a one hour interview at lunchtime. Whilst great: you can fit this into your working day, you must think about what you wear. If you are usually casually dressed, it is suspicious if you turn up in your smart interview clothes. You may need to look to change off site.

8. Be careful with references

You will often be asked for references, make sure you tick the box to say only to contact your current employer if successful in your application. Too often organisations will chase up references in advance of an interview. Good for them, not for you so be very cautious on providing details.

9. Keep up a high standard of work

Your job search could take a number of months so don't disengage in your current job. Too many people will lose motivation and dream of the upcoming (unknown) job. This could result in a less than complimentary reference.

10. Networking

When networking never say anything about being unhappy in your job and seeking a new one, focus more on developing your career and being open to new challenges.

Denise Taylor is a double award winning career coach and Chartered Psychologist with Amazing People, established in 1998. She is also the author of 7 books including How To Get A Job In A Recession.

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