Thinking About Taking a Counter-Offer? Wait! (and read this)

By Social Media Manager - James R.C. Smith - Vancouver, BC

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Congratulations, you have just been accepted into a new position and have handed in your notice to your existing employer. However, your current boss has given you a tempting counteroffer with more money and a bigger desk.


Sure it would be much easier to stay in the company where you’ve been working hard for the past few months/years, but hold on a second.

For starters, you will you have jilted the company that have been interviewing you, discussing your pros and cons at length, as well as the recruiter who found you and spent time on talking you up to your proposed new bosses.
Counteroffers often end badly. They are usually made in haste, as your departure would mean a shakeup of responsibilities, training someone new and imparted knowledge before you leave.

If you take the offer, once the dust has settled, your employer now knows that you’ve had or still have intentions to leave and would be the first one to replace out of your eager-to-stay co-workers.

Yahoo! News reported that “The rule of thumb among recruiters is that 70 to 80 percent of people who accept counteroffers either leave or are let go within a year.”

The best option is to submit a courteous and positive letter that defines your resignation without room for discussion. Allow time to work your full notice period and behave honourably. This will allow you to maintain your reputation, leave with useful references and continue your career with an extended network of professional colleagues.


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