Top Tips To Get A Promotion

By Inspiring Interns

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Working in a role without progressing can be very frustrating. If you feel you’re worth more than it’s being offered, trying to get others to agree is of paramount importance. However, getting a promotion is about more than just working hard. Here are some tops tips to help you advance in your career.

Be Worth It

You have to honestly believe you’re more valuable to the company than your current salary. Volunteer for extra projects, complete all tasks to the absolute best of your ability and take the initiative to see which parts of the business you can improve. If you’re doing the bare minimum for your current position, then that position is probably where you belong.


Sounds obvious, right? But many people assume their bosses to be mind readers. If they don’t know you’re interested in a promotion, there’s little chance you’ll get one. Register your interest now, and it’ll pay off in the future.

Have Your Reasons In Order

Not only do you need to say that you want a promotion, you must also know why. Prepare a mental list of all your achievements, successes, and ideas for the future to refer to. Asking is never enough – you need to present a valid case for your promotion.

Get The Facts Straight

There’s nothing worse than looking unprepared and unprofessional – particularly when you’re asking to be promoted. Know to fine detail all of the facts and figures so you can’t be challenged on them. It’ll show you know what you’re talking about and that you’re well prepared.

Don’t Ask Too Much Too Soon

Know the typical career trajectory of your company and try to work with it. If you massively overshoot when asking for a promotion, not only will you be unlikely to get it, but you’ll look ill-prepared and naïve.

Think Long Term

Many people can become overly focused on the one promotion, the one next step in their career. However, it’s important to think long-term on this. Will this promotion help you get closer to your eventual dreams? Is the path your pursuing truly the right career direction for you? Don’t let one small step override the longer journey.

Right Place, Right Time

You need to know when is a good time to approach your boss or schedule a meeting. First thing on a Monday morning or last thing at night are both bad idea – your boss will be busy, hassled and is unlikely to give full attention. Similarly, if it seems your boss is having a terrible day, it’s well worth rescheduling for another day.

Be Persistent

If at first you don’t succeed, wait, then try again. Ask for feedback about why you’ve been unsuccessful and implement change. Work harder and demonstrate your worth. Then, in a few months, ask once more. If you still feel as if your boss is taking you for granted and you are being dealt the short straw, consider looking elsewhere for a step-up. 

Annie Walton Doyle writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.


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