How to Set Your Company Up for Success in Achieving Goals [Infographic]

By Heather Huhman

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Have you ever set goals for your company only to see them unfulfilled? Do you stop and question your process? Achieving goals takes time and effort, with a systematic approach that takes you from preparation to success.

It all starts and ends with the workforce, everything from the hiring process to performance review and beyond. It’s time to focus on the right things to guide your company to growth and progress.

The infographic below provides all you need to know about the start and finish of goal achievement. Some highlights include:

  • Just 33% of employers give job candidates a profile describing what a successful employee looks like.
  • While 23% of companies believe in-the-moment feedback is effective, only 9% provide it.
  • 91% of employees that feel valued by their superiors report being more motivated to do their best.

Data like this shows that there is a major disconnect between employee and employer expectations. Is the company clear with its expectations for employees? How do you define success for the team? Is management providing consistent feedback in an effective manner to help employees achieve their short-term and long-term goals? Does your staff feel valued by management? Do you sense motivation throughout all the levels of your company?

If your company is struggling to achieve its goals, it’s time to rethink the structures and processes in place. ClearCompany offers solutions for talent management and organizational performance, making it easier to align everything from sourcing and application tracking to onboarding and talent success.

What are the biggest hurdles your company faces in achieving its goals? Let us know in the comments!

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