Updating LinkedIn While Still Employed? 4 Tips for Not Getting Caught!

By Rebecca Henninger

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This is one of the biggest concerns my clients have. How do I update my LinkedIn profile without letting my current employer know that I’m looking? Here’s some simple ideas to keep your job search moving forward without raising suspicion.

1) Turn off activity broadcasts and update the privacy on your news feed settings so that “Only You” can see the recent updates to your profile. I also recommend changing your contact settings so that only you can see your own contacts. This will help hide the fact that you’re busy networking with recruiters and other folks that are helping you make your move.

2) Make a list of the reasons that you should update your LinkedIn profile that are NOT related to a job search. For instance, if you are in sales you should be using LinkedIn anyway for networking. HR professionals should have an updated profile for recruitment. Executives need to keep their LinkedIn profile spiffed up to help bolster the image of their current company. Marketing folks should be using LinkedIn for professional networking to keep their skills sharp. Keep these in mind when you’re writing and insert into the Advice for Contacting section.

3) Write your profile in the first person. Third person “bio” style profiles seem so fussy and overdone. Plus, it sounds like someone wrote it for you, which is certainly not under the radar. When you write your profile in the first person, it is less formal and gives an impression of self expression vs self promotion.

4) Include some language about why you like your current job and the company. Do you have the opportunity to constantly learn new things? Interact with great customers? Tell the world on LinkedIn. You sound positive, upbeat, and happily employed and you help ease suspicion that you’re looking.

Rebecca Henninger is a professional resume writer with a passion for helping women achieve balance, integration, and professional fulfillment. She is a mother of two, Bravo TV addict, and skilled career strategist.

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