Video Resume? Creating Buzz as a Job Seeker


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Searching for a new job can be a daunting task, but you can put yourself ahead of the competition by creating a cool video resume. Videos have become a go-to source of information and intrigue for a new generation of online recruiters and job seekers. In fact, videos can be a powerful way to get your true value across to potential hiring companies. So, stop hiding behind that boring resume - and create a great video resume that will get you better results!

Ready, Set, Take One

What does it take to build a video resume? If you have never constructed one before, pay careful attention to the tips outlined in this article before you hit record on the camera.

It Must be Appropriate

The first thing you need to consider is the appropriateness of the video resume. There is no reason to create a video resume for every job that you submit an application for these days. Create a video resume for jobs in the media, television, internet and other creative industries. Sending a video resume to a more traditional company might hurt your chances.

Don’t Read the Resume

You will want to have some notes with you when recording the video, but make sure you do not read your resume verbatim while on-screen. The goal of a video resume is to showcase to employers what you are made of, what you have achieved, and what you can achieve in the future. Reading your resume verbatim on the video will just waste the time of those watching it.

Keep the Video Short and Sweet

One of the most important tips here is that the video must be kept short. Try to not go under one minute in length, but also make sure that your video resume does not go longer than two minutes. If you can keep the video between one minute and less than two minutes, you will be successful in your search.

Be Creative

Since you are stepping outside the box by creating a video resume in the first place, you should be as creative as possible. You do not need to be filmed sitting at a desk or in a workplace setting. Instead, have a creative pitch, use a little humor, or use some creative editing skills. But, keep in mind, you need to remain professional throughout the video even while being creative.

Prepare to Share

We know the headline rhymes, but we want it to stick with you when creating your video resume. Be ready for your video to go viral. If you do not feel comfortable with thousands, or millions, of people seeing your content, do not produce a video. In most scenarios, your video will not go viral, but think about this before making the video so you can understand your comfort level.

Create a Video Across all Platforms

When creating a video resume, be sure to create one that will be viewable on multiple mobile devices and applications, not just on standard computer browsers. It needs to be viewable on tablets, laptops, smartphones and televisions. Use an MP4 format, and choose a size that's not too large or will load too slow. 

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