What Does Your Social Brand Say About You?

By Vlasta Eriksson

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Looking for a job has become a much simpler process, thanks to the Internet. In the past, looking for a job meant going from various employers, collecting applications and going back to turn in the paperwork. In the digital age, the jobsearch can now be conducted entirely online. In addition to receiving assistance through a recruitment agency, there are additional aspects to seeking a career opportunity on the Internet, such as branding and even the use of social networking sites.

The Benefit of Social Networking for Job Seekers
These days just about everyone has a profile or other online presence on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. While many people use these sites to keep in touch with friends and family, there are many other ways social networking can be used to a person’s advantage, especially when it comes to applying for jobs.

One of the biggest benefits an individual can enjoy by creating a profile on a social networking site is the ability to network with potential employers. Many companies realize the value of sites like LinkedIn. This particular website is a social networking tool for professionals and employers in all industries. Being able to contact key players in a company directly, as well as display a resume and employment history, is the perfect way to create an opportunity for a new career path. There are also opportunities for job seekers to come across career development resources offered by those they have connected with via networking online. Facebook is an especially useful tool for keeping touch with old co-workers and references.

The Benefits of Social Networking for Employers
In addition to LinkedIn, many companies now have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Businesses hoping to fill new positions can easily put up a job posting on their site or compose a “tweet” with contact information where applicants can submit their resumes for consideration. Aside from being able to use this medium to promote career opportunities, companies can also use these same sites to find qualified candidates. Direct contact eliminates any middlemen and prevents a long, drawn out hiring process.

Not only can a business satisfy their employment needs, they can also use online marketing to their advantage by acquiring an online following of fans or other individuals that are interested in the company’s products and/or services. Social networking websites are ideal for branding purposes as well. With the right branding identity, any business has the potential to become recognizable with a strong online presence, which will undoubtedly boost not only visits to the official site but increase profits as well.

It’s not only LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that can be used to establish a strong brand identity on the Internet. YouTube is another popular medium that can result in receiving thousands, if not millions of hits from visitors all over the world. With the right content and exposure, YouTube can turn a lesser-known company into a worldwide phenomenon.

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