Why CV Advice Doesn't Work

By David Smith

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Actually, that isn’t entirely true, otherwise, I would have written a lot of gobble-de-gook in my time as a CV writer…no comments on that please!

But in actual fact, CV writing advice will only go so far to help a person, it would be impossible to write a post, or an article that covers every industry, every occupation within that industry and every level of seniority.

What is really needed is something that applies to your set of circumstances, as well as your personal career aspirations, with your level of experience, that suits your background, experience and skill-set!


What does CV Advice Cover?

You may have a basic article that covers some basics such as CV length, what to include, what not to include and how to format the information…and this opens up lots of opportunities to be creative with regard to what goes into the CV and how it is presented.

You may even be able to find advice on-line that is quite near the mark in terms of relevance to your own personal situation, but that isn’t always the case, and that can lead to some frustration.


Turning to a Professional

If there is one thing I have learned from being in business – If you need anything doing, you either spend time becoming an expert on some element of your work, or you spend money and hire a professional…at least until such time as you can develop these skills yourself.

The problem with that is, there are so many professionals out there who claim to be able to accomplish X, Y and Z for you, and in my experience of using professionals…they do deliver on their promise, but there are some who may leave you feeling a little disappointed [and out-of-pocket], and nobody wants that!


Try Before You Buy

If you have a Netflix [insert entertainment package of choice] account, then you will have initially signed up for a trial month, to see whether or not you liked it.  The reason why this company and others offer a free trial is that they are pretty confident that you will love the product and stick with it after the trial has ended, and this approach works really well.


What about other professionals?  Well, the ‘try-before-you-buy’ scheme doesn’t work for every professional, but for CV writers, you should be able to test how good they are, see how much they know and get a taste of what they can do to help you in your job search.

Hire a Professional for Free

Rather than getting some pretty generic advice on the construction of a CV, what you really need is some bespoke advice that fits your personal circumstances and your own particular career direction and you need to have your CV examined in the light of what you would like to do in the immediate future!

Here’s your chance to get something free.  Send your CV to me [contact me via Twitter to get my email address] and I will provide a free CV [and Linkedin profile] Health Check with no obligation.  I will provide a comprehensive diagnostic report that will highlight the strengths of your CV and how it can be improved.  If you would like me to carry out the improvements, fine, but if not, that is OK too, I will let you have a free 22 page ‘Launching your Job Search’ guide absolutely free of charge.


I promise that I will not add you to any mailing list, pass your details on to anyone else and I will treat your information with the strictest of confidence.

Connect with me on Linkedin or Twitter and I will tell you the best way to get your CV to me.


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