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Recruiters can help you – they serve a great purpose in the hiring process. Their clients rely on them to find and present the best candidates in terms of skills and ‘fit’, based on their knowledge of the employer’s workplace and needs. They will be better placed to help you if you help them!

When you are working with a recruiter, you can do a few simple things to make the process easier for both of you.

Keep them in the loop.

If they have interviewed you and have, or will be submitting your details to the client, pay them the courtesy of letting them know if you have any other interviews or potential offers. Many jobseekers hold this information close to their chest for fear the recruiter will not work with them. On the contrary, the recruiter may be able to speed up the process. For example, if the recruiter felt you were a real possibility for the role he/she can talk to their client and recommend interviewing sooner rather than later. It won’t always be possible, but give your recruiter the benefit of the doubt.

Do what they ask.

If a recruiter asks you to modify your resume, do it! They are not criticising, they are trying to help. Many recruiters these days will simply forward the candidate’s own resume rather than preparing a report as was common in years past. If he/she has asked you to alter something, add extra information, etc, remember they are trying to present you in the best possible way to the client. Don’t take offence, help them.

Ask questions.

Tap into your recruiter’s knowledge of their client including culture, goals, challenges, etc. Ask your recruiter if they’ve placed other people with the organisation – what techniques did they apply to succeed, was there a particular aspect of their background that appealed to the employer, and similarly, were there any areas of concern. The information can help you prepare for the interview by anticipating questions.

Respond to every contact from the recruiter.

An important one to remember is to keep your recruiter informed throughout the recruitment process. If they message you, be sure to respond. There is nothing worse for a recruiter than having a candidate go AWOL. Many job seekers make this mistake because they are trying to buy themselves time – perhaps they’ve got an offer pending and they are trying to stall for a couple of days to see what happens. Be honest, tell the recruiter what is happening – he/she will be better placed to help you if they know what is going on. And don’t forget, they understand you are actively looking for work which means other interviews and potential offers. You are not being a naughty child caught with their hand in the cookie jar – you are simply job hunting.

Find out the best way to stay in touch with them.

Recruiters can be difficult to get hold of – they are exceptionally busy people who work with multiple clients and candidates. Ask how they would like you to stay in touch – email, phone, sms, etc. Doing this demonstrates your appreciation for the demanding nature of their role and your ability to communicate in a manner that suits them.

Finally, respect the job your recruiter is trying to do for you. All too often, they get labelled as being difficult. If you get the job through them, I’ll bet you’ll sing their praises.

Just remember that for every job there is one winner – if it wasn’t you, be thankful for the time and effort they went to on your behalf – you never know when they might be able to help.


© Michelle Lopez, Owner/Career Consultant

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