You Want Me to Interview Again?

By Jobma

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Perhaps you’ve been in this situation before: you are crossing your fingers as you answer the incoming phone call from an employer you just interviewed with. The voice on the other side of the line bears good news: “We would like to offer you…a second interview.” 

So perhaps you were expecting that sentence to end with “a job.” Now you may be stressing about what more will be asked of you, what you will have to do to further impress them, and what other relevant strengths you have that you haven’t already told them about.

While every company does have a different interviewing style, there are a few things you can do to prepare for a second interview.

Get The Basics Covered

First, you may be interviewing with a different person or group of people this time. Brush up on your answer to general interview questions (i.e. “Why do you want this job?” or “Why are you the best candidate?”) because it is quite likely that you will need to repeat these answers for your new interviewer.

Reflect On The First Interview

If you’ll be interviewing again with the same person, you’re going to be expected to recall and discuss information you learned about the position and the company from that first meeting. For example, you may be asked what stuck out to you the most about the first interview. Or perhaps you’ll be asked to explain how you feel about the given position or company given what you learned in the first interview. Take some time reflecting on the conversation you had with the interviewer in order to prepare for questions like these.

Prepare Questions

Regardless of who is conducting the second interview, you will likely be asked what questions you have for them. Spend some time preparing questions that reflect what you learned about the company and position in the first interview. For example, consider this question: “In my first interview, Joe explained how this position involves meeting with 12-15 prospective clients a week. Can you tell me a little bit more about how leads are typically generated so that this goal can be met?” This question shows that you listened during the previous interview and actually thought about what your initial interviewer was saying. In other words, it shows that you actually care.

Be Specific

Finally, it is likely that the questions you are asked in your second interview will be more detailed and focused on your potential to execute the specific job that you are applying for. You might be asked, for example, questions about what you would do in a specific situation on the job or how you would start a given project. Before arriving, make sure that you have a solid understanding of the position so that you can be prepared to explain how you would carry out its responsibilities. 

Keep these guidelines in mind while you’re preparing for your second interview and you’ll be set for success. Don’t forget to print off additional copies of your resume to bring to new interviewers as well!

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