Your Essential Twitter Toolset

By Tony Restell

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If you’re here because you want to make more productive use of Twitter, you’ve hit the jackpot. Below I share some of the tools I’ve found have really transformed my effectiveness and productivity on Twitter – plus ways I’m using them to greatest effect.

Your Essential Twitter Toolset

I’m not mentioning the likes of Buffer or Hootsuite, but rather focusing on tools you are less likely to have come across (all of which are free)



Note: Following recent changes to Twitter's API, The TwitCleaner service had to be shut down. We have found the ManageFlitter service to be a very acceptable alternative as a means of keeping your twitter following tidy and up to date. The free version allows you to clean up your following list, whilst the paid version provides access to some great features for more advanced users wanting to track their twitter effectiveness, build a targeted following and create the optimal tweet schedule. You can try it out for free via the signup page.

This tool does exactly what the name would suggest. It cleans up your following list so your twitter stream is filled with content from useful contacts. It’s a marvellous tool, flagging up those you are following who i) rarely engage with their followers (ie. they’re just plugging stuff), ii) push out automated content, iii) appear to be spambots … and a whole lot more besides. If you follow lots of people, you’ll find it eye-opening the insights you gain as to which may no longer be worth following.

You’re presented with a list of twitter users you may wish to unfollow. Click on all those you agree are redundant – and then TheTwitCleaner will unfollow them gradually over the following day so that you’re not aggressively unfollowing in a manner that can be frowned upon by Twitter. Just give it a try – you’ll not be disappointed. (Relationship Management for Twitter)

If we’re talking about the value of Twitter, one huge value it brings is allowing you to stay informed on niche topics of interest to you. The other huge value it brings is allowing you to form and be part of niche communities – and to engage and form relationships with new people.

In many walks of like – not least of which is for job seekers and recruiters – it’s this latter function that is Twitter’s most valuable. is a fantastic platform for helping you to assess who in your Twitter network has been most engaged with you and who you should invest your time in engaging. It also helps you monitor mentions of brands or websites – and suggests people you may wish to start following based on your interests.

Finding Great Content To Tweet

If you tend to tweet about certain topics (as most business users do), then it can be a great time saver to find a “tribe” of similar twitter users and then share some of their best content as you know it’ll be relevant to your audience. You may choose to do this by setting up a Twitter list of the people whose content you find most relevant to share. Or you may find there are already organised “tribes” of twitter users / bloggers curating on a particular theme – who may have created a tribe you could join on Triberr.

I run a tribe of users who like to share jobseeker tips / career advice and recruiting tips, so if that’s a topic you tweet about and you’d like a head start, get in touch (@tonyrestell) and I’d be happy to connect you into our group. If you'd like to put great content sharing on auto-pilot, you can also opt to automatically share the latest posts from us on Social-Hire by registering here.


In my recent piece “How To Tweet Your Way To A New Job” I shared in depth strategies for using Audiense as an advanced Twitter tool. It’s fantastic for researching other people’s follower lists, determining the best times of day for you to tweet, establishing when people are actually live on Twitter so you can engage most effectively, etc. If that’s of interest, I point you in the direction of the above article for a full run-through.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

If This Then That allows you to create a vast range of rules that are triggered whenever something you have defined has happened. Want to set up a recurring tweet to be sent out at a certain date and time each month? Then set up a rule. Want to add certain RSS content automatically to your Buffer tweets? Then set up a rule. The possibilities here are almost endless.

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