Your First Job Search: 4 Steps To Success


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Your first job search post-college can be intimidating. In fact, many recent college graduates don’t even know where to start. But getting started on your job search doesn’t have to be the intimidating task many make it out to be.

Remember, recent college graduates don’t have to have their “dream job” right off the bat. Entry-level positions can be hard to come by, so chances are you won’t have that flashy title and high salary right away. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should just take any old job — after all, even though you have your degree, there’s still plenty to learn. Recent college graduates should aim to land a position at a company that suits their personal values and helps build their skill set.

While many factors need to be considered when starting a job search, there are some basic steps everyone should take to get started:

Research. Too many job seekers think an open position is just going to fall into their lap once they get their diploma. The truth is, you’ve got to put yourself out there first, by finding out where the open positions are. There are plenty of resources to help you get started. Job seekers should sign up for email lists in their industry — many have e-newsletters for job openings — and scour social media sites to glean insight on new positions. Attend networking events and job fairs, reach out to your college’s career center — anything that can help you to determine companies where you might be needed.

Compile a list of target companies. Recent college graduates shouldn’t waste time by sending out their resume to every job opening they come across. You need to carefully target your search so you can tailor your skills to specific companies and positions. Job seekers can narrow down their search by creating a list of target companies where they might like to work, and then reaching out to them about open positions. Sites like LinkedIn’s companies section and can help you to determine where you’d be a good fit.

Keep a professional online presence. It’s highly likely that a recruiter will Google search your name before even offering you an interview. Keep your online portfolio, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook page all updated with latest information, and be sure all of your online profiles are clean of any negative content that could cast you in an unprofessional light. Share information that’s relevant to your industry, and keep all of your interactions professional.

Reach out to your network. Job seekers need to let everyone in their personal network know they’re looking for a job. That means friends, family, former colleagues — anyone who knows you and may have ties to a potential opening. Or, consider holding an informational interview with a professional you admire to learn how they landed their position.

Starting your job search doesn’t have to be intimidating — it mostly requires putting yourself out there as someone who’s competent and eager to learn. Use these strategies to get started, and you’ll be well on your way to job search success.

What are some other tips you’d give to recent college graduates just starting their first job search? Share your tips for job seekers in the comments section below.

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