Investment Banking: Your Future Salary and Career Path Revealed

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Investment Banking - it's a world that fascinates the global media and a career path that many aspire to. But it's certainly not for everyone...

If you try to make it in investment banking, what can you expect in terms of:


    • Investment Banking Salary
    • Career Path
    • Working Hours
    • Exit Options

In this article you'll see your investment banking salary will start out around $125k for a first year analyst, rising to $450k for a Vice President - and up into stratospheric figures for who make it further along the career path than that. Only in the medical and legal professions is it possible for a first-year to earn more money; and to get there people will have invested several more years in their studies than someone pursuing a career in investment banking. A few years into your career path, you will have left your peers well behind.

For those who decide in their first years that the investment banking lifestyle just isn't for them, the most popular exit route is to go and study for an MBA. This typically opens up exit routes into the wide variety of business careers that would have been available at graduation time. Most others who quit investment banking actually move into closely related fields. In part this is a function of the skills and expertise gained - and how transferable these are to other sectors. In part it's simply because most other sectors can't pay close to the investment banking salary levels that you will have become accustomed to!

Below we present the comprehensive data covering all these aspects of an investment banking career (with thanks to Firmex for the data). If you decide you would like to talk to employers or recruiters about your next career move, you're welcome to register on Social-Hire and start discussing your career options.

The Facts: Your Future Salary and Career Path in Investment Banking


A Career in Investment Banking: Worth the Investment?
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