10 Employee Job Perks That Really Work


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In recent years, there's been a major shift in employee expectations. Long gone are the days when people just wanted a nice salary and standard healthcare. Today's workers want innovative workplace incentives that will make their jobs—and their lives—easier. 

This means companies have to be more innovative than ever by offering the perks that employees really want. You've seen it with Google, whose free food makes meal times a part of the workflow and creates networking environments between departments. You've seen it with Netflix, whose unlimited vacation policy is all about results rather than time spent behind a desk. 

It's pretty easy for a multi-billion dollar company to trot out the latest and greatest incentives for its employees, but not all brands are as big as Google or Netflix. So how do you know what's right for you? 
The graphic below, from Company Folders, reveals the top ten workplace perks with fun info about the big name businesses presenting them. Even more important, it will teach you why employees want those perks—which means you'll have the tools to adapt them for your own hiring needs. 
Some of the most desirable workplace incentives include:

  • Corporate outings
  • Free meals or snacks
  • Mental health care
  • In-house entertainment
  • Remote work opportunities

Learn about these and other great perks in the full graphic.

10 Employee Perks To Attract Top Talent


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