3 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using AI

By Aida Fazylova

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Artificial Intelligence and automation are positively impacting the way companies recruit new candidates. By using these tools, a noticeable amount of time is being saved, more qualified candidates are taking positions and cost per hire is on the decline. Recruiters are thankful for their AI counterparts that essentially act like their personal assistants. That’s why an astonishing 16% of recruitment agencies have marked implementing AI tools as a top three priority.

Recruiters know the basics of AI technology, starting conversations and pre-vetting candidates, but most recruiters don’t realize the full potential these bots have. How would your company be affected if they streamlined your recruitment process even more? Check out a few examples of innovative ways companies are using AI.

Start a Conversation

The use of AI & chatbots to start a conversation with potential candidates is growing rapidly. Why stop the conversation with just those currently interested? With AI technology, your company can jump into a conversation with individuals who aren’t specifically looking for a job by reaching out to individuals who liked a picture, commented on a post or direct messaged. Best yet, this is available on practically every platform. By doing this, your company can engage with users that may turn into potential candidates before they realize they are in the market for a new job.

Write More Attractive Job Descriptions

Capturing all the daily tasks a job entails can be difficult. Putting that information into an all-encompassing list to attract the perfect candidate can seem close to impossible. AI is able to fill in the gaps of unclear or unrealistic job descriptions with algorithms to create accurate and attractive descriptions. Not only does AI help write the perfect job description, but it will also place it in front of the right candidates. Your company will find that these candidates are more prepared for the job, happier in their roles and, in the long run, a better return on investment.

Schedule Meetings

An underutilized feature that most AI technologies offer is scheduling. This feature allows employers to set hours in which they are available, candidates to schedule interviews and employees and clients to book meetings with just a few clicks of a button. By adding this automated feature to your recruitment processes, you are able to easily fill your calendar without the hassle and back and forth that goes into finding a convenient time for all parties. Plus, all involved users can be sent an automated reminder for their upcoming scheduled event so nobody misses that critical meeting.

Sift Through Potential Candidates

Sometimes the perfect candidate is right in front of your eyes. With AI technology, you are able to store your past qualified candidates and even your employees in a database for later use. When a new position opens, you are able to search through this pool of qualified candidates to find a perfect match.

Many companies overlook the best candidates just because they’ve already walked through your front door - don’t be that company.

Identify Potentially Toxic Candidates

Unfortunately, not all candidates are truthful on their resume or in their interview. Fortunately, AI technology is able to identify those dishonest candidates who may become toxic if they are given the opportunity. Finding this information out before hiring is crucial and saves the company both time and money. Implement an AI program to help you hire smarter.

A whopping 72% of executives believe that AI and automation will offer a sizeable advantage in the near future. They’re certainly not wrong! By exploring the innovative features that AI and automation have to offer, a company can streamline their processes. The results are astonishing - AI will help you recruit better, faster and cheaper. 

About Aida:

Aida is the CEO and Founder of XOR.ai and a former recruiter. She started XOR to help recruiters focus on the hiring and strategic planning that comes with being a recruiter. Aida previously worked in IT recruitment and project management for over six years.

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