3 Ways Hiring Technology Benefits The Recruiter

By Rosie Quinn

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The technology takeover will replace the role of the recruiter…

Not so fast, agencies and hiring teams are part of a people-centred industry where communication is key. Therefore, ideally, technology will have the power to assist a recruitment strategy rather than replace. To help manage their hectic schedule and heavy workload.

There are numerous hiring technology services, tools and systems out there for companies to utilise. But most employers and recruitment teams will use an applicant tracking system (ATS) of some sort, to help manage job vacancies, candidates and keep a general organisation to the hiring process. Other technologies consist of chatbots, video interviews and automated initiatives for the screening of candidate applications. To then even more technological dependent approaches involving the use of algorithms and machine learning to hire top talent.

We have rounded up the top three benefits hiring teams can experience when embracing hiring technology into their recruitment strategy:


Save time

One of the key benefits to investing in technology is its power to save the recruiter time. The manual methods of sourcing, screening and making placements are time-consuming. HR teams are overloaded with applications for multiple different job roles, forcing them to spend on average 6 seconds per CV.

However, with the addition of automation, technology can screen candidates in a matter of minutes rather than hours or even days. This would result in hiring teams having much more time available to focus on stages that are difficult to replicate with technology. Such as, human interaction and engagements with the job seeker to ensure they are provided with a positive candidate journey. Which will hopefully, increase the potential to retain candidates and ensure the employer’s brand reputation is not damaged.


Eliminate bias

Bias is the inclination towards a person or group over another. A bias hiring decision demonstrates prejudice and often favours one candidate over another due to unfair rationales. For an employer to guarantee a bias-free hiring strategy it can be very difficult without the assistance of technology.

Particularly unconscious bias, which goes unnoticed when one candidate is favoured over another, due to unjustifiable factors such as, a gut feeling, stereotypes and perceptions based on the candidate's personal characteristics.

Recruitment Automation has the capability to screen a candidates CV and determine the best fit for the role through matching experience and skills to that of the job description. Therefore this will ensure that factors irrelevant to the job role are not considered.


Financially effective

In the long term investing in hiring technology will become financially beneficial. The less time that is spent on conducting manual processes will mean the more time recruiters have to add value in other areas of their role.

Time = money. A slow hiring process increases the risk of candidate dropout, reduces employer productivity whilst also creating financial strains. Therefore when routine recruitment stages are streamlined with the incorporation of technology it can ensure the time it takes to hire is at its most effective. 


A different outlook

Preferably, hiring technology (when used effectively) will collaboratively work with recruiters to manage the hiring process. Designed to support and make ease of everyday recruitment tasks.

To reduce the likelihood of risks occurring when hiring teams become too dependent on technology to make important hiring decisions. This is why a recruiter and technology partnership is far more effective.


Rosie Quinn is a content writer for CiiVSOFT. CiiVSOFT develops recruitment software to automate recruitment processes, streamline the hiring process and help to hire teams to boost productivity.

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