3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment (But Only on Tuesdays).

By Chris Bogh

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Eploy on TabletWhat do pancakes and job applications have in common?

Here’s a tip- it’s got nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay. The answer is, of course, that they are both most commonly enjoyed on a Tuesday.

For the second year in a row Tuesdays were the most popular day for job applications. How do we know? As a leading recruitment software provider, we can measure the peaks and troughs of thousands of applications that pass through the Eploy system every day. Unfortunately we don’t measure pancake consumption, that was just an educated guess.

By the numbers

In the first three quarters of 2015, Tuesdays piqued Wednesdays to the title of MVD (most valuable day). Mondays claimed the final place on the podium coming in just behind the leading two. It was mighty close though- the top three were separated by just 4%. Thursdays and Fridays trail the top three, rounding off the working week. Sundays won the battle of the weekend and Saturdays finish in last place, receiving over 60% fewer applications than mighty Tuesdays. Incidentally the stats from 2014 look remarkably similar, with Tuesdays also claiming the top spot.

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Why is this useful to recruiters?

Knowing which days of the week job seekers are actively willing to apply for job positions gives recruiters a huge competitive advantage. Take advantage of Tuesdays by following these three quick steps:

  1. Reallocate advertising budget. If you are in control of your online advertising budget, you can make massive improvements to your advertising ROI right now. Pay per click search engine advertising and social advertising are so easily configurable you can easily select which days your ads will display on. More advanced settings include allocating more budget to particular days of the week by increasing the maximum cost per click. 

  2. Reorganise your calendar. As a recruiter, you’ve got three days in the working week where you now know candidates are more likely to be looking for a job, and therefore will be more receptive to calls and emails. Prioritise these days to contact both passive and active candidates.

  3. Reach more candidates. Vary the marketing message by day of the week as part of your candidate attraction strategy. Use Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to strongly promote featured jobs. Schedule any new jobs vacancies that come in a Thursday and Friday for early the following week. This will ensure that your vacancies are near the top of the pile on the days of the week when the most candidates are searching for jobs.  

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