4 Campus Recruiting Trends You Need to Know


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It’s that time of year where colleges and universities flood the market with another pool of fresh talent. But are companies really doing enough to reach out to these young recruits?

In this guest contribution, Amit Chauhan, CEO and co-founder of Recroup, explores 4 trends to help recruiters maximise their campus recruiting efforts to secure the next generation of top talent.

4 Campus Recruiting Trends You Need to Know

With 75 percent of employers visiting colleges and universities to recruit young talent, wouldn’t it make sense for these visits to serve as their largest source of hires?

Believe or not, only 7.5 percent of employers claim their best source of hires to be from colleges and universities, according to the 2014 Source of Hire study by CareerXRoads.

Many colleges and universities serve as a large pool of bright and ambitious talent. In order for employers to close the skills gap and hire young talent, they need to make the most of their campus recruiting strategies.

To boost your campus recruiting efforts, here are four trends you need to know:

1. Utilize mobile technology to supplement campus visits

Technology-based communication is a meaningful way to connect with Millennial talent. In fact, 85 percent of Gen Y use their smartphones when job hunting, according to a survey by Robert Walters.

There are a number of ways employers can connect with college students using mobile technology. Employers can utilize mobile business card apps, create a mobile version of their career page, or even create a mobile app exclusively for job postings.

2. Recruit interns and hire internally

One way employers can guarantee they hire top talent is by hiring internally. In fact, the Source of Hire study revealed 41.9 percent of openings are filled through internal movement.

Employers can make internal hires a priority by hiring interns after they complete their internships. According to the same study, 32 percent of interns accepted a full-time job offer. When employers attend college career fairs, they should switch gears and focus on hiring interns who will turn into long-term talent.

3. Use social media to tap into talent communities

Millennial job seekers use a variety of social networks to advance their careers and apply for jobs and internships. According to the 2014 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Study, 33 percent of social job seekers are college graduates.

To reach more Millennial talent, employers should utilize social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with college students. Eighteen percent of employers say social media significantly influenced their hiring decisions when hiring entry level professionals, according to the Source of Hire study.

4. Take advantage of niche job sites

Mass job boards are quickly becoming outdated for employers when it comes to hiring young talent. The Source of Hire study revealed employers are planning to post less on job boards and focus more on job niche sites.

When sourcing hires, 12 percent of employers say they find candidates on niche job sites. Employers can reach Gen Y talent by posting job opportunities and engaging with niche groups.

What are some additional campus recruiting trends employers should be aware of? Add your comments below.

Amit Chauhan is the CEO and co-founder of Recroup, an entry-level hiring platform that allows employers to find the right talent by getting to know the person behind the resume. Connect with Amit and the Recroup team on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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