5 Benefits of Hiring Part-time Employees

By Capability Jane

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Part-time employees provide countless benefits to start-ups, small business, SME's, and even multi-national behemoths. Whether you lack the resources to hire an experienced professional full-time, or don't need a full-time member of staff, a part-time hire could fill your needs whilst bringing an array of benefits to your business.

Here at Capability Jane, we’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Origami Energy, who specialise in innovative energy technology systems. We worked closely with their CFO Amanda King to recruit their HR Manager and Finance Manager. As a start-up business, hiring part-time staff would help them to grow, whilst minimising the financial strain on their budget. Amanda believes that recruiting part-time staff has enabled them to find highly experienced candidates that have the necessary skills to support them with their rapid growth, "Quite simply by recruiting part timers we get better people - more capable and more committed. Having a part timer at the top of the organisation makes flexible working the norm - our employees value that."

The secret that many employers are only starting to realise is that part-time employees represent an untapped resource of highly experienced professionals. For those that have taken an extended voluntary career break due to maternity leave or caring for a loved one, part-time working offers a bridge back into employment that fits around their needs. Many of these are skilled professionals with experience that it would be difficult for SME's to attract. Traditionally, part-time working has been seen as a women only issue, but that's no longer the case.

By actively targeting part-time workers, SME's and start-ups can attract a more diverse workforce whilst accessing a range of benefits that would otherwise elude them. To illustrate the gains that can be achieved by hiring part-time employees, I'm going to go through some of them one by one below.

1. Get the skills you need with a limited budget

It’s often the case that recent start-ups and SME's either don't have the business need to employ someone full-time, or lack the budget to be able to do so. Employing someone part-time means that you'll get the experience that your company needs whilst working within the confines of your budget.

2. Get the experience that you're struggling to attract

Without increasingly deep pockets, SME's and start-ups find they don't have the employer brand to compete with the big boys! By offering part-time and flexible opportunities at the point of hire it's possible to attract the attention of previously unattainable candidates. In my view this is one of the most rewarding aspects of our role - matching highly experienced people with organisations that will value their skills and experience.

3. Improve diversity and enhance your workforce

Many employers are struggling to improve diversity, especially when it comes to recruiting women. As well as being a successful method of re-introducing highly skilled and valuable professionals, hiring part-time staff can help to improve diversity initiatives, and in turn enhance your workforce. This has the additional benefit of showing clients and potential customers that you value having a diverse workforce.

4. Part-time staff can make businesses more agile

If you have customer or client needs that are outside the normal 9-5 working hours, employing part-time and flexible staff can be a great way of facilitating your business to become more agile. Part-time workers can help you respond to and manage changes in peak demands. For example, you can use more workers at peak times and extend your operating hours by using part-time workers in the evenings or at weekends.

5. Part-time staff help employers support over-stretched workers

We often see employers who are over-stretched that are struggling to keep up with the needs of the business. This can have a negative impact on both the well-being of the affected employee, their productivity and their team. Using part-time staff can be a great way to support an over-worked employee whilst increasing both employee engagement and retention.

Capability Jane Recruitment specialise in sourcing part-time professionals for SME’s. If you’re looking to expand your team, contact us to find out how we could support your business.


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