5 Benefits Of Using Social Media For Recruitment

By Laurie Wood

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The digital generation (AKA Generation X) spend around 9 hours a day on social media platforms according to studies! That’s a long time and lot of content to digest over the hours. Taking this into consideration, if you’re looking to hire then you should be embracing social media as one of the main tools for your recruitment campaign. Ignoring social media altogether will result in a massive loss of potential awareness, particularly if you take into account that the age group of 50+ who use social media the least has and still is increasing in numbers since 2013. 

If you’re still not convinced,  here are 5 solid reasons why social media is an essential recruitment tool.


When advertising via job boards alone, you’re limiting yourself to a demographic of people seeking work. Social media gives you the opportunity to expand your reach into a passive market and snap up those potential candidates, ones who may of not have thought about a career change, but your job advert has opened a door for them. This is particularly important when advertising niché roles and roles which are hard to fill since social media can give you the tools to target those specific areas. 75% of LinkedIn users are employed, which makes it an ideal starting ground for passive candidates and allows you to contact the cream of the crop.


Advertising on social media increases your company brand awareness offering the chance to share your brand’s culture and core values. Social media is a place to share photos of colleagues and office nights out to let potential candidates know how well your company looks after their employees.  All this will contribute to a candidate possibly moving forward with the application.  With daily updates and image posts, showcasing your company culture can drastically cut business costs when sourcing new candidates. A top tip here would be to do a quick social audit on your page prior to posting a job advert.  Ensure you’ve filled out as much information as possible, it’s visually branded and most importantly shows regular posts. Your company wouldn’t look very inviting if your social media page was abandoned in 2003.


Arguably, Facebook is the dominant platform for targeting demographics which makes it an essential recruitment tool. You’re able to target right down to the nitty-gritty from location to interests and job sectors. Without this targeting feature many social platforms provide, then you’re just shopping for biscuits in the cleaning isle. As mentioned previously, this is critically important for niché roles and to ensure you’re spending your budget wisely. Use these targeting tactics as an inbound marketing tool and locate those who are genuinely interested in your sector and who will actively seek out your company and/or job.


Speaking of budget, it costs nothing to share your job vacancy on your profile or your recruiter’s profile. Focus on organic advertising and ask your connections to engage with the content, this will cause a butterfly effect of reach and then your post will be seen by a wider, variety of people.


It’s not a violation of privacy if a possible candidate’s social media profile is set to public. After assessing a candidate’s skills and knowledge via their CV or application, find their social media profile as it will give you a gist of that candidate’s personality and then you can decipher whether or not they will fit into your company culture. A whopping 52% of employers have researched candidates online profiles prior to their interview date. Don’t waste yours and their time interviewing a nurse when they complain about dealing with patients publically on their profile, that wouldn’t bode well for your company reputation.

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