5 Crazy Recruiting Hacks You Need To Know

By Quintin Ford

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With all the different sourcing tools out there, it's easy to waste hours and hours of time screwing around and accomplishing nothing. So here are 5 tools we identified to help us recruit better and waste less time.

1) Email Hunter 

Email Hunter is a Chrome Extension that works with LinkedIn to help you identify a person's email right on LinkedIn. Email hunter is free and super easy to use. Once you download the extension and begin browsing LinkedIn, you'll notice on each profile an orange button. Once you click the button Email Hunter will suggest the most accurate email for that person. See picture below. 

Once you get the email there are many other ways to "verify" the correct email. I always like to check the email in Rapportive as a backup. Most of the time Email Hunter is very accurate. 

?2) Aeroleads

Aeroleads is an amazing tool for email discovery and list building. Aeroleads is also a Chrome Extension, so if you don't have Chrome I suggest getting it.  Aeroleads works with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium, but not so well with LinkedIn Recruiter which kinda sucks. 

Once you create a search on LinkedIn and you identify a list of people that match your search criteria, you can easily export that list into Aeroleads. Aeroleads will then automatically verify the email addresses of everyone on that list. From there you have the option to export all prospect info to a spreadsheet. This includes, name, company, title, email, LinkedIn profile link, location and more. We love this tool for two reasons.

1) We can export LinkedIn data to a spreadsheet! If you're smart, you know how valuable this is. 

2) We can identify massive amounts of email addresses in our target market, FAST!

Adding 100 targeted leads with verified emails to a spreadsheet can literally take less than 10 minutes. Aeroleads will not verify everyone's email but we've seen about a 30% success rate. The free version limits you on email verifications and the paid versions allow you to buy more verifications. This tool definitely takes a bit of playing around, so I'm happy to consult with anyone that is interested in learning more. 

3) Rapportive

If you're a recruiter and you don't know about Rapportive I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Rapportive ain't one.

Rapportive is another chrome extension that allows you to see someone's LinkedIn profile when you are emailing them. If you're clever, you can use Rapportive to identify someone's email that you don't already have. 

4) Found.ly

Found.ly is a tool that is very similar to Aeroleads. It's a lead generation tool that has some great features for building lists and developing leads as well as identifying email addresses. The user interface is a bit cleaner and easier to use than Aeroleads but it does take a while to get set up and registered. 

5) Streak

Streak is another chrome extension that works with gmail to show you when your email has been opened. Why is this useful in recruiting? How many times have you emailed resumes to a client or colleague and wondered if they have viewed them? Now you'll know for sure. Streak sends a pop up notification when you email has been opened. It also shows an icon next to your email to indicate that it has been viewed.  As soon as your client views the email you can pick up the phone and give them a call and say hey, have you had a chance to look at the resumes I sent over? You'll have the perfect opportunity to walk the client through the resumes and pitch your candidates.  Streak also has some amazing CRM features that you may want to take advantage of. 

This article was written by Quintin Ford, a recruitment entrepreneur located in Playa Vista, CA. Quintin is the Founder of OCEAN | STREET  & Co-Founder at knw agency, avid blogger and social media guru. Learn more about Quintin on LinkedIn.  - To attend any workshops, speeches or amazing events please check out knw.eventbrite.com


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