How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Your Fintech Startup (Infographic)

By Alex Slichniy

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Social media is an extremely potent tool for marketing, and utilizing it to reach people is both easy and efficient. The ability to directly interact with your customer base is indispensable for nurturing a relationship with them, while also improving your brand to better suit their needs.

This fruitful marketing environment is perfect for growing fintech startups, who are dictating the financial world through disruptions, and commonly leveraging modern trends for optimal results. 

Seeing that these enterprises are in step with technology, it’s more than fitting that they should take advantage of social media to balloon their brands.

But how should you leverage social media for your fintech startup? Truthfully, only by handling these platforms properly will you see any real results. 

Here are a couple of pointers to ensure the most effective social media strategy for your startup.

Zero In on the Right Audience

Too often does it come to pass that a startup will go on with their marketing strategy without really determining who their target market is? This has a nasty habit of draining away a lot of time and money without yielding any substantial results.

It would be wise for you to do some thorough research on your target demographics. This means considering age, place of residence, lifestyle, and anything else that might be relevant to your startup. Once you’ve got this data, you’ll know how to create effective advertising campaigns.

Consider Spreading to Another Platform

When discussing your marketing tactics, one question will undoubtedly come up: should you spread across several social media platforms or not? The correct answer: it depends.

The main point is that you shouldn’t be in a rush to campaign on as many platforms as you find. This will spread your marketing efforts too thin, and, more likely than not, you’ll wind up with a lot of tepid pockets of audience engagement.

Instead, it’s generally better to become the master of one platform before advancing to another. Once you’ve maximized engagement, you may consider taking your advertising to another site or channel.

Mobile-Friendly is Marketing-Friendly

It’s no secret that mobile use of social media is on a steep rise. And some estimates predict that around a third of the world’s population will be browsing through their favourite social media by 2021.

Ignoring a third of the world is just plain silly, even if it’s hypothetical for now.

To open the doors to mobile users, you should make sure that your content is accessible to mobile users’ screens. As long as they can easily navigate your page and content, they won’t feel frustrated and give up on hearing what you have to say.

Quality vs. Quantity

In any marketing situation, content value reigns supreme. As a fintech startup, you are no exception to this rule. Creating meaningful, personalized content is the only true path to improving audience response.

The two main prongs of your content quality should be helpfulness and timeliness. Whatever you post should prove helpful to your target audience, whether that might be guides, pointers, or tutorials. Furthermore, you should deliver this kind of content on time. Swooping in a week late will only make you appear out of touch.


It takes a bit of forethought and tact to perform a successful social marketing campaign for a fintech startup. The main takeaway is that you mustn’t act hastily. Instead, do your research, consider every angle of approach, and keep a watchful eye on your target audience.

How Startups Disrupt the Finance Ecosystem - Infographic

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