Aligning Social Recruitment Strategies In Order to Find Qualified Job Seekers

By Cheryl Morgan

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Thanks to the post-recession recovery and an economy that shows much promise, things are looking bright for job seekers. Business hiring demand is up, yet quality talent with the appropriate set of skills is in limited supply. Luckily, you can help combat this potential dilemma for your company by aligning social recruitment strategies with hiring needs.

Establish Your Brand on Social Media

The best way to attract the most qualified job seekers online is to have a strong, popular, and well-regarded social media presence. This doesn't happen overnight. You need to be dedicated to establish yourself on all your social media pages by updating at least five times per week. With tools like Tweet Deck available, you can schedule posts on weekends, too. Make posts that provide value to your followers.

Always respond to those who have issues or strong comments on your page, and a polite thank you to compliments will be appreciated. Keep in mind that it's not just the commenters who are watching. Your followers will be watching everything that you do and making judgments about how professional your company is and how much it cares about those who support it by how you conduct yourself on social media. Therefore, if someone is trolling your page or leaving obscenities, it's best to simply delete the controversial or offensive posts without responding. In all other circumstances, though, respond to your followers.

Passive and active applicants will be attracted to a strong social media presence.


Find Qualified Professionals as Recruits

One of the best-kept social recruitment secrets is that you can find great candidates within social professional networks. Those who are passionate about the work that they do often enjoy connecting with others who work in the same field, and you may find that it's a great place to start casual conversations with professionals. Without any pressure of direct recruiting, social professional networks allow you to get a better idea of how potential candidates communicate and interact as well as more knowledge on their experience and skills.


Attract Passive Job Candidates

It's really important to continually attract the interest of passive job candidates. Highly qualified professionals in your field may not be available at the exact moment when you have a job opening, but they may be perfect for an opening in the future when they are ready and willing to switch companies. If they have followed your company on social media for a while and have a positive impression of it, you may be able to win over talent from your sharpest competition.

Passive job candidates will enjoy informative shares related to their job role and industry they work in. In order to overcome the potential problem of having a job opening without enough qualified applicants to fill it, you need to use social recruitment in many ways at the same time.



As you try out social recruitment strategies and ultimately see what works and what doesn't, you will be able to hone your skills so you can best address the needs of your company. Book a review of you social media presence to get detailed feedback on how you perfect your strategies.




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