Avoiding A Case of Recruiting Burnout

By Julia Weeks

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It’s no secret that the Recruiting Industry isn’t for the faint of heart.  It takes determination and extreme persistence in order to make it in the industry.  At the same time, it’s important to avoid that well known case of Recruiting Burnout.

The key to avoiding burnout in the Recruiting Industry is to set strict guidelines for yourself by working smarter, having a set schedule, and by networking.


Work Smarter

One of the most important things in the industry is learning to work smarter by asking the right questions and prioritizing your day accordingly.  I’ve seen it time and time again; recruiters are doing double the work simply because they are not thorough and lack time management skills.  

When you receive a new requisition, make sure that you ask detailed questions of the hiring manager.  This ensures that you are looking for the candidates that the hiring manager desires and that you have the facts in order to accurately explain the position to the candidate.  

After ensuring that you have the facts and details about the positions you are working on, you then need to determine your priorities.  Decide what is closest to the dollar and will help you to reach your goals.  

Do you know what it takes to reach your goals?  Every smart recruiter tracks their metrics.  We know how many phone calls and submissions it takes to get to those placements.  Track and use your metrics in order to work smarter and reach your goals. 

By learning to work smarter, you will work faster and more efficiently.  


Set A Schedule 

As a Recruiter, I know this industry can consume your every waking (and sometimes sleeping) hour.  It’s not easy to separate home life from work life in this industry.  Factoring in the numerous openings we are working on, in addition to the number of candidates we must call in order to identify the right fit, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day.  

Regardless of how many items are on your to do list, you must set a specific work schedule and stick to it.  A standard 9 to 5 schedule will not always work in this industry.  There are candidates who are unable to speak during work hours.  Keeping this in mind, perhaps there are days you start early and leave early, or start later and leave later.  Either way, set a schedule and stick to it.  

If you go non-stop every day for 10 hours or more, you will surely hit a brick wall soon and quickly join the ranks of burnout Recruiters.  



Oftentimes, having a conversation with someone who knows where you’re coming from is enough to relieve the stress and onset of burnout.  

When you are feeling the frustrations and rejection that we are often faced with in Recruiting, make sure that you have a strong support network of fellow recruiters.  I recommend joining Recruiting network groups in your local area, or Recruiting sites online such as Recruiting Blogs.  This not only offers you the support network of others who understand what you are faced with on a daily basis, but it also allows you the possibility of learning new strategies and ideas from other Recruiters.  This camaraderie  will guide you through many of the ups and downs throughout your recruiting career.  


Recruiting is a tough business and leads to burnout for many talented recruiters.  By making sure you are working smarter, setting a schedule, and networking with other recruiters, you can avoid the dreaded Recruiting Burnout that overtakes many in the industry.  


What are some ways you fend off Recruiting burnout? 

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