Candidate Engagement on the Rise as Recruiters Turn to Social Networks

By Tess Curle Taylor, PHR, CPC

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Using social media to recruit candidates is becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, it’s actually become the number one resource that recruiters look to for sourcing great talent online. Recruiters have so many options from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn that they might not be able to use each one effectively when working on their own. The main recruitment objective, of course, is engagement of candidates. 

Why Candidate Engagement Counts 

When a company has a large recruitment department, duties can be divided much easier, making the social media recruitment process seamless. Engaging candidates using social media is on the rise, with many companies moving solely to finding candidates on social media sites. It is an excellent way to judge a candidate's attitude and ability to fit into your corporate culture.

Use Multiple Social Sites

When using social media to recruit candidates, it is best to work with multiple outlets. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket, such as only posting on Twitter. With the options out there today, it is important for companies to work across Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn in order to acquire as many followers as possible. You should make sure that all of your company social media accounts are updated frequently with fresh content so you bring something of value to your followers.

Give Back to Followers

Some companies find themselves taking from their followers all the time. They log information about the users, including their job experience and much more. Do not always take from your followers. Make sure you give back by offering pertinent information that helps them grow and learn within their careers. This will cause them to visit your social media pages more often and increase their interest in the company.

Use Powerful Imagery

Another excellent idea is for companies to use pictures, videos, quotes, and other powerful imagery with their social media posts. A report in 2012 from ROI Research says that 44 percent of respondents said they were more likely to engage with a company and its brand if the company posted pictures on their social media sites. Leverage images to help boost candidate engagement.

Avoid Stalking Members of Your Community

It is best to avoid social media stalking of members who follow your pages. When you stalk the users, he or she will more than likely end their connection with your company. Do not overload them with too much information or else they might feel like they are being sold. Let the candidates come to your social media pages based on referrals from their trusted connections on these sites.

Use Tools Provided by Social Media Sites

Your company should also be using the tools that social media networks offer to help you build a following. These tools can schedule posts across all of your social media networks so you do not have to worry about missing a post. Other tools let your company track social media users and how effective your brand is on these sites.

When your company utilizes social media correctly, it will find itself inundated with candidates who want to know more about the company and open jobs. Engaging candidates using social media is on the rise, so make sure your company is following the trend or it will not bring in the best talent for the jobs available.

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