Dealing with HR Nightmares Before they Happen

By Andre Smith

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Companies’ HR personnel face various problems and obstacles when running their departments and in the application of company policies. These problems range from recruitment and outsourcing to workplace safety and employee benefits. Dealing with such issues requires people skills as well as experience and knowledge of handling common HR problems.

Recruitment and Outsourcing

Companies that hire competent personnel have a relatively easier time managing their workforce. In addition, it is much simpler to work with people that you have already been acquainted with during the recruitment process. Some of the challenges that HR personnel face during the recruitment process include lack of resources to attend career events, writing accurate job descriptions for advertising vacancies, and conducting interviews with job candidates. Eliminating these challenges can help prevent problems related to recruitment and outsourcing.

Today, many companies consider the recruitment process as a marketing tool. HR personnel need to be knowledgeable on how to properly generate interest in their companies to attract the best talents. In addition, HR departments are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that many jobseekers and employees are looking for jobs that provide better work-family balance. Employees are also more concerned about job security, health benefits, and other aspects of the job that make employment more beneficial to them. HR personnel need to consider these factors when advertising their vacancies so that they can attract the best talents to their companies.

Many companies outsource various aspects of their operations so that they can focus on the key aspects of their business. This eliminates the need for hiring salaried in-house personnel. One of the advantages of outsourcing is that it is cheaper than having in-house departments because it exempts them from paying salaries and taxes. Outsourcing is one of the best ways to cut down on HR expenses.

Rights, Discrimination, and Conflict Resolution

The U.S. has strict laws that make employee discrimination a punishable offense. It is illegal to discriminate anyone based on gender, age, race, or religion. HR managers have to be alive to this fact and ensure that employee rights are upheld. In addition, they should view diversity as a positive factor that promotes teamwork and fosters equality. HR personnel need to implement policies that accommodate diversity, uphold employee rights, discourages discrimination, and encourage conflict resolution.

HR should record all incidents of workplace discrimination and implement necessary disciplinary actions based on company policies to demonstrate their commitment to upholding employee rights and eliminating discrimination in the workplace.

One of the job duties of HR managers is conflict resolution. It is much cheaper and easier to retain existing employees than to recruit and train new ones. Therefore, workplace conflicts must be effectively resolved. Conflicts in the workplace may be caused by various factors including property destruction, theft, physical harassment, verbal abuse, payroll issues, and management incompetence.

Training and Safety

Training is one of the most important aspects of business operations. Training and safety policies often vary depending on company operations, policies, and needs. Many companies view training as an investment. Basic training is often provided to new candidates to acquaint them with the knowledge they need to effectively perform their duties. Existing employees also need to be prepared for senior positions through advanced training organized by the HR department. The HR’s responsibility entails fitting the training schedule around the job duties of employees, while considering the financial implications of the training.

Training helps to enhance workplace safety. It involves promoting business practices that minimize or eliminate safety hazards in the workplace. This may include, but is not limited to removing potentially dangerous tools and equipment from the workplace. Even chairs that are not ergonomic or extremely bright LED computer screens can cause adverse health problems. Of course this is nothing compared to real issues like safety violations that lead to injury or even death. By neglecting safety or not investing in protection equipment, you risk losing reputation, money, and workers. Most of the injuries and hazards are entirely preventable, but if you choose to ignore that, it’s a matter of when, not if, will you be faced with a lawsuit like a company that lost 400.000$ for a tragic death of its worker. In addition, employees should be trained on safety precautions and company safety policies to enhance workplace safety.


HR personnel deal with a wide range of issues on a day-to-day basis. One of the best ways to solve workplace issues is to keep records of workplace problems and take necessary steps to minimize or eliminate them altogether. A properly functioning HR system should provide the storage and retrieval tools required to analyze and provide solutions to employee problems.

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