Why Small Businesses Need to Lean on Technology More

By Eileen O'Shanassy

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Every day, we become more and more connected to the internet and the technology that comes with it. It's hard to say who benefits the most: big corporations, small businesses, or customers. But one thing is for sure: small businesses can definitely help more from technology than they currently are. Let's take a look at some of the ways technology can serve small businesses today.

Using Available Social Media

One of the most readily available technology tools for small businesses today is social media. The technology involved in social media makes it so that a small business owner does not have to store files or large operating systems to utilize the social media. Some top social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. While these technologies have been around for a while, their traditional uses of connecting businesses with the customer still work wonders. Newer methods, such as social media recruiting, are just coming around the corner. Businesses can utilize new and old aspects of social media as they strive to rely on it more to expedite business.

Utilizing Web Technologies

Social media recruiting isn't the only new thing technology has to offer small businesses. The cloud is quickly becoming an alternative for paperwork-laden offices and a way to share documents online. Every day, web technologies are growing, and they can be accessible for small businesses with a little bit of footwork. New and old platforms for websites, online shopping carts, and small business publishing provide many ways for small businesses to expand their online and real-world presence. Software as a service is quickly growing, as is accessible Cloud storage and cybersecurity.

In-House Communication

Technology is one of the most important things business owners can buy to improve in-house communication at a small business. Company cell phones are a great start, and they enable you to use more minutes for business than you would typically get. According to Womply Founder Toby Scammell, millennials are taking over the workplace and expect work communication to be delivered in a messaging app. They tune out phone trees and printed staff schedules. More and more these days, small businesses are making apps for employee use, and this tactic is seeing a lot of success.

Human Resources

Technology, especially software such as accounting or time-tracking software, can expedite the human resources functions at a small business. It also has the potential to make the paperwork process go smoother by automating functions like time sheets and purchase orders. More and more these days, technology is enabling small business owners to go paperless.

No matter what direction you choose to take your business, technology is going to be a huge part of it. Don’t fall behind and suffer because you insist on doing things the way you have always done things.

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