Do You Have Recruiting Intelligence?

By Irina Nagy

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With technology advancing faster than ever, employers now have every available advantage to be able to hire efficiently and to provide a high quality candidate experience. HR teams need these tools to be able to move away from manual processes, such as sorting through hundreds or thousands of CVs or creating spread sheets, which let’s face it, belongs in the Stone Age. The panacea is to be able to automate the whole process using keywords or intelligent algorithms, like artificial intelligence (A.I.), to dramatically improve the recruiting process for both employers and potential employees.

But choosing the right technology to meet a company’s specific needs can be an extremely difficult task these days. There are so many options to look at and the whole experience of moving your recruitment onto a new system can be daunting. What employers really want is a system that can not only help to manage recruitment but actually improve recruiting efficiency and cut costs, reach hard-to-find talent, build better talent pools, and help to hire the most suitable people. A.I. can play a major role in this as it alleviates time consuming tasks and improves efficiency.

Why all the fuss around A.I.?

Anyone who has used Google or LinkedIn has experienced the effects of having A.I. technology and will be conscious of the ease of use and how the software remembers where you have been and also predicts where you may want to go. A.I. will perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence by applying them as algorithms. In recruitment, this means that you can search faster, match more efficiently and have automated rating between candidates and jobs that would otherwise have to be performed by someone scrutinising a CV.To create a really advanced recruitment portal, you can combine A.I. technology with CV parsing, and make it a feature of your applicant tracking and candidate management. The searching and matching engine will then pair job descriptions with CVs and select the most suitable candidates from your database for quick and easy recruitment.

How A.I. improves Candidates' experience

Attracting candidate is an expensive and time consuming business, so employers pay more and more attention to the candidate experience and look for ways to simplify the application process and provide candidates with an enjoyable, quick and stress free application process.

If an employer doesn’t provide an easy application process, they may find that candidates become frustrated and often, particularly in highly competitive skill areas where the market is candidate led, will go elsewhere. A.I. creates a dynamic and simple candidate experience which will have a profound positive impact on the whole application process whilst providing significant benefits for the employer brand too.

Using CV parsing and the option to extract data like name, email address, mobile number, employment history from a CV directly into an application form, will help motivate candidates and increase completion rates on applications effectively making filling out applications manually a redundant process.

How A.I. improves Hiring Managers' experience

Technology should be used to support the business strategy and to help manage the entire hiring process from requisition to sourcing to job offers, whilst cutting down the hiring cycle-time and reducing the cost of hiring.

Hiring managers are able to reduce the time it takes to hire a candidate by eliminating boring administrative tasks and automating the entire recruitment process. The technology allows them to preview and match CVs to suitable roles to see which applicant is better for a specific position.

But, most importantly, through the Boolean and advanced search options provided by A.I., hiring managers will quickly identify talent and have a significant degree of control when it comes to determining the right match for a particular opportunity.

In summary, by using Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment portal, you will:

  • see a better candidate experience which will help build a stronger employer brand.
  • hire better people faster by parsing CV’s to source candidates' personal details and precisely match all internal and external applicants to open positions.
  • find and short list candidates and eliminate any unqualified ones through the keyword and/or Boolean search option.
  • use screening questions to determine a candidate’s basic eligibility, accurately match them to particular positions or jobs to specific candidates, speed up the screening process and eliminate potential errors.
  • be able to upload profiles directly from social media.
  • locate and view similar candidate’s CVs with the help of the automated matching functionality.

Altogether, A.I. is a ‘’dream come true’’ for employers as it provides a fantastic candidate and hiring manager experience. It simplifies and automates the entire recruitment process whilst reducing costs and time to hire, helping employers prioritise information and providing candidates an objective and fair application process.

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