Don’t Be a Twit – Use Twitter in Your Recruiting Strategy

By The Recruiting Division

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Busy recruiters are pulled in a million different directions with a landslide of communications by phone, email, meetings with hiring managers and candidates... And they have to keep up with social media to be competitive and have access to the top candidates

Adding a learning curve for one more technology or online tool requires some serious time management, right? Don’t be a Twit. You don’t have to stress about adding social media to your creative staffing solutions. Start small and add Twitter to your recruiting strategy.


Get Schooled in Tweets and Tweeting

Don’t let social media scare you. Get up to speed and quickly learn everything you can about this 140-character snappy micro communication tool. Use it as your social media school primer and get a good understanding of how you can use Twitter for recruiting and candidate sourcing.

  • Start educating yourself at
  • Search out everything you can absorb about Twitter on the Internet.
  • Read current books about Twitter, including “Utlimate Guide to Twitter for Business” by Ted Prodromou, or “The Tao of Twitter” by Mark Schaefer and “Twitter Business Basics” by Lewis Love and Jade Matthews.

Use Twitter to source candidates, shout out about your openings, and compete for candidates with the people who want the same top candidates you do.


There’s an App for That

Seems like everyone’s on Twitter, from celebrities to fans to politicians to the high school neighbor next door. But is it for busy recruiters? Yes! Do you have to worry about Twitter taking up all your time and attention to be useful in recruiting? No!

You don’t have to be a social media nerd or technowhiz or spend all your time creating 140-character communications because there are great Twitter apps just for recruiters to make your entrée into social media recruiting faster and easier than you might think:

  • TweetMyJobs – TweetMyJobs allows employers and recruiters to post up to 25 jobs on Facebook and Twitter per year for free, plus an enterprise option if you plan to Tweet out more than 25.
  • Bullhorn Reach - Bullhorn Reach enables recruiters to send job posts out to leading social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, SimplyHired and other leading job boards. You can automatically re-post as long as you want. Bullhorn Reach also has a marketing component so you can post content about your jobs, your industry, and other marketing communications.
  • TwitJobSearch – Use TwitJobSearch for free recruiting solutions. Add your jobs to their search engine for candidates to find or Tweet your job quickly, easily, and for free.


Use Twitter to Get New Clients

For those of you on the agency side, use Twitter to find new clients with three easy steps:

1.    Find prospective clients or candidates by following your clients on Twitter and seeing who they follow and who follows them.

2.    Find hashtags related to your business at, then search on your own hashtag on Twitter and look for related accounts to follow.

3.    Follow companies on Twitter that you’d like as clients.


Other Ways to Use Twitter in Recruiting

Use Twitter for more than tweeting job posts. Get business ideas, insights, and market intelligence on the things that affect your business every day:

  • Use it to keep up with industry buzz and to find out what your competitors are doing by checking out what they are Tweeting.
  • Use industry keywords to “listen” to what people are talking about in the recruiting industry or your niche.
  • Note how competitors are Tweeting their jobs, including hashtags, job titles, and how they describe their jobs and companies on Twitter.


Learn everything you can about using Twitter, take advantage of Twitter apps for recruiting, and use Twitter for business intelligence. However you decide to use Twitter in your recruiting strategy, make it work for you by being consistent, being creative, and bringing your social mojo to the 140-character party.

Andrew Greenberg is the founder and managing partner of Contract Recruiter, a leader in On-Demand recruitment solutions.

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