Employee engagement – put an end to workplace frustration

By Irina Nagy

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“Emotions are some of the main drivers of engagement” – Dale Carnegie 

In any company the employees are basically the front line, the face of a company and the advocates of a brand. Their level of engagement is decisive for the success of a business.  Engaged staff deliver better, remain committed to their employer and stay focused on achieving all the business goals whilst giving their best and being positive brand ambassadors. When they’re not engaged, the quality of their work, productivity, sales and other aspects of their work all suffer.

Did you know?

Source: Aon Report 2011: Trends in Global Engagement

Year after year employers are spending a lot of time, energy and money trying to understand what motivates and enables people to give their best at work in order to take better decisions, make better investments and deepen customer loyalty.

Employee engagement?

Generally, employee engagement is known as the emotional commitment an employee has to the company and its goals, the positive attitude or behaviour of someone at work.  Truly engaged employees are attracted to and inspired by their work and they are willing to give their best as an integral part of their daily activity, experiencing job satisfaction along with organisational commitment and job involvement.

Engaging employees?

Business is all about performance, and high performing people are a must for any successful business. Therefore, companies should always be open and willing to embrace a culture of increased innovation, reinvent the work environment and try to engage employees around a mission and goal.

Good employment relations are all about understanding what motivates and engages employees, making them believe that what they’re doing is important so that they can do their daily work with passion and purpose.

These following suggestions will help you make your employees want to give their best:

  • define the role/roles clearly, be absolutely sure the candidates are a good fit for the position and company’s culture too
  • listen to what your employees have to say, take the pulse of your workforce and act on the results you get
  • set a clear direction and purpose for the organisation and help employees see how their role fits in
  • offer a career path to your employees by making opportunities for development and growth
  • reward employees by offering them competitive benefits and flexibility around work hours and locations
  • remember that it’s the little things that most matter to staff, so don’t forget to recognise and celebrate achievements. Show them they are valued and appreciated
  • encourage communication either face-to-face or mediated by technology
  • take care of the well-being of your staff and allow them to have a good work/life balance

All these efforts should be on-going for employers to have an impact on staff’s level of engagement. Having the right engagement practices and turning them from poor to great can work towards creating a tool for business success. It’s in each employer power to make a real difference by building a culture where employee engagement matters and set their company apart from the competition.


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