Expert Interview with Sharlyn of HR Bartender About Social Media

By Cheryl Morgan

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Sharlyn Lauby knows how powerful social media is. As an HR professional and creator of HR Bartender, she understands that social media can help individuals locate a job, find an employee, and enhance the hiring process.

Here, Lauby shares some of what she has learned over the years about the power of social media.

What role do you think social media plays in your business?

I believe social media has introduced me to people I would never have met and created opportunities I couldn't have imagined. I like to think of social media as creating a borderless platform to do business.


In your experience as an HR professional, what are some of the biggest tips you can offer individuals going through the hiring process? Please address this from the perspective of the interviewer and interviewee.

For recruiters/interviewers: remember the people who apply and interview with your organization can also buy your product. You never want to lose a candidate and a customer at the same time.

For candidates/interviewees: frame your needs in a way where it benefits both you and the company. For example, if you want more pay - how can you sell it in a way that it's a win-win?


How you do think employers can best nurture talent in the workplace? What do you think plays a large part in keeping talent happy?

The best way to nuture talent is by giving them the ability to do their job better. Companies need to create learning opportunities for employees, whether that's formal training programs, enterprise social collaboration platforms, or informal opportunities. Learning sends the message that the company is making an investment in employees now and for the future.


How has HR changed over the years? What are the positive and negative aspects of that change?

One of the biggest HR changes I've seen over the years is in the way work gets done (i.e. technology and social media). I like to think of HR as the "architects of work," so the shift in work methods has had a huge impact on human resources and the way work is designed.

Obviously, the advantage comes in the flexibility that employees can have in getting their work done. The downside is keeping up with all the changes! And, for some companies, that can be a pretty huge pitfall.


Social media can be an incredible asset in finding a job, especially with sites like LinkedIn. What are the benefits of positive social media? What ways can social media negatively impact employers and employees?

With social media, people and companies need to realize that the world is talking about you whether you like it or not. I mean that both literally and figuratively. With some effort, each of us has the opportunity to shape the conversation about us and around us.

Social media offers us the ability to brand ourselves and the organizations we associate with. If you do it well, positive results will happen. And it goes without saying, if you don't ...


What is the biggest challenge in your experience for those looking for jobs or looking to hire talent?

Right now, I'm hearing about companies struggling to find qualified candidates. Organizations want candidates to come ready to contribute at a high level. I believe this trend will continue. Organizations will have to take a hard look at their brand and recruitment strategies. They will also have to decide if external hiring is the only way to find talent or if developing talent from within makes sense.

From job seekers, I hear the challenges are compensation and status. Companies are being selective about hiring full-time staff. Many positions are starting as part-time or freelance. And candidates feel the pay is not commensurate with the market. Job seekers are having to think about their options, both short-term and long-term, for career success.


Where do you see your website going in the next 3-5 years?

That's a great question. One of the things I enjoy about today's technology landscape is the speed of change. Three to five years is a long way away. So much could change. Right now, I'm enjoying writing HR Bartender and looking forward to seeing where the technology and opportunity take me.

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