Forget Monsters, This Is What's Really Scary This Halloween [Infographic]

By Heather Huhman

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As any recruiter or hiring professional knows, during the Halloween season, it’s not just the ghosts and monsters that are scary. Clients who are never pleased and candidates who email you at all hours of the night can cause even the most experienced recruiters to lose sleep. But just like any other fear, you need to find the courage to face your recruiting nightmares head on.

By having a better understanding of the monsters lurking in the closet, you’ll see they aren’t as frightening as you once thought. The following infographic from Spark Hire, a video interviewing solution, can help shed some light on the scarier parts of your job, like candidates who lie or clients with unreasonable expectations. And hopefully their tips will help you wake up from the recruiting nightmare.

Some highlights include:

  • 76% of recruiters are dealing with up to 100 candidates at one time.
  • 32% of companies are having trouble filling vacant positions.
  • 45% of employers say they’re receiving more unqualified candidates recently.
  • 35% of job seekers believe they disappoint hiring managers during the interview. 40% of HR pros confirm that they do.
  • 65% of new employees begin looking at job listings again within 91 days of being hired.

Check out the full infographic below to get the information you need to defeat all the recruiting monsters that might jump out at you.

Still want more help escaping a recruiting nightmare? Check out Spark Hire’s ebook to get tips on how hiring experts make their interviews more effective!


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