FPC National Reviews Key Success Factors When Starting a Recruitment Business

By Tony Restell

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This week I had the pleasure of hosting FPC National's Jeff Herzog, who joined us on a call to discuss the state of the executive recruitment market in the US and the key success factors when starting up a business in this space.

One of my colleagues had dropped into FPC's annual owners' conference in Florida a few months ago - and we'd been struck by the wealth of insights they had about building and maintaining a successful executive search firm. Having developed the business to the point that it has 66+ independently owned offices, it's a process that Jeff and the team have been through a fair few times! A recording of the full call is shared below for your review.

FPC National reviews success tips for Recruitment Businesses

On the live call Jeff Herzog shared:

  • A step-by-step checklist to going into business for yourself
  • Powerful insights into the Executive Search industry
  • A blueprint for beginning and fostering your growth as an executive recruitment business owner
  • The advantages of partnering with a franchisor versus “going it alone”

FPC National - A Guide To Owning An Executive Search Firm


I was particularly struck by the emphasis Jeff placed on technology having evolved the role of a modern recruiter, rather than having displaced the need for recruiters altogether. Also of note were the figures around the strong demand for executive recruitment services that we can expect to see as a result of demographic shifts. Contrary to the hype that's been around since the days when job boards were invented, this is an industry that's showing no signs of contracting any time soon!


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