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By Irina Nagy

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A recent analysis conducted by MyPeopleBiz revealed that 99.9% of employers are apparently unhappy with their ATS or don’t have one at all. And most of those who do have an ATS complain about it because there always seem to be key functionalities missing which can be fixed only by buying another module or spending lots of money customising the existing one.

Mypeoplebiz are passionate and interested in resourcing strategies from the candidates, hiring managers and corporate employer’s perspective. Focussing on the best practice methodologies and innovative recruiting technologies we always strive to deliver the ultimate candidate and hiring manager experience. Therefore, we came up with a unique ATS concept to help your team support the business strategy and improve the whole recruitment process.

First of all, let’s make sure everybody understands what an ATS really is.

What you need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

The days when hiring managers and recruiters were checking thousands of resumes by hand to uncover the best applicants are long gone. Nowadays, Applicant Tracking Systems are frequently used to narrow down the candidate pool to those candidates who meet the requirements of the prospective employer.

An ATS is a software application designed to help recruit more efficiently. It can be used to post job openings on a corporate website or job board, screen resumes and generate interview requests to potential candidates by e-mail. Other features may include individual applicant tracking, customised input forms, pre-screening questions and response tracking, and multilingual capabilities. It is estimated that almost 50% of all mid-sized companies and almost all large corporations use some type of applicant tracking system.

Why you need to have an innovative Applicant Tracking System

Automating your recruitment is important because it cements and improves recruitment processes ultimately saving money and reducing cost per hire. It also builds a candidate resource database and makes screening and filtering a much easier and faster recruitment process. Well-designed fully integrated leading edge recruiting technology enables better recruiting  decisions and provides a single, consistent and rich candidate experience via its own career site job board with intuitive parsing, matching, social, content aggregation and global candidate database functionality.

The key elements employers want is ease of use, a system which supports the employer brand as well as a fantastic candidate and hiring manager experience. MyPeopleBiz is delighted to be at the forefront of the transforming ATS market and offers an advanced, intelligent recruitment platform to support the business strategy and manage the entire hiring process from requisition to sourcing, to job offers. It is the most sophisticated recruitment technology which promises to provide the most robust candidate relationship management solution at a competitive price.

Do you agree with the views of our findings? Are you facing the same problems when it comes to your ATS? We would like to hear your thoughts and comments on how Applicant Tracking Systems can be improved.

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