How Cloud Solutions Can Improve Your Recruitment and Hiring Process

By Monique Rivers

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In today's busy job market recruiters are constantly on the lookout for new technologies to make the hiring process faster, more efficient and better organized. From sourcing candidates to talent management, recruiters are now embracing cloud technologies, which help them streamline the hiring process and choose candidates that perfectly fit the offered positions. Why are cloud solutions important for recruitment? Read on to see how using the cloud can improve your hiring process.


1. Less paper for everyone

Cloud technologies digitalize the recruiting process, helping companies to save money on printing and making their hiring process more environmentally conscious. Recruiting involves lots of paper – resumes, application forms, cover letters and assessments are all used during the initial screening and the interview.

Using apps based in the cloud, recruiters can digitalize the whole process, allowing candidates to upload their documents and keep a close track on their progress in the application process.


2. Improved agility

In order to be successful, businesses need to move fast. Cloud technologies help recruiters access relevant data on demand, without the necessity to store all these files locally and get lost in the process of organizing them.

Data can be obtained across all devices, providing crucial HR information when recruiters need it. Where data was previously disparate and disconnected, stored on various computers and devices, now all of it is placed together – offering an easy way for large-scale analytics.


3. Easy implementation and updates

HR systems are usually slow and problematic to implement – there are contractors, consultants and customer services involved in the process. Cloud technologies are designed to complement, not replace the existing technologies, and are much easier to implement – they simply don't disrupt business operations.

Implementing a cloud system for application processing takes just a few weeks and doesn't involve any additional expenses that usually come with setting up recruitment systems.


4. Multiple talent pools

Sourcing talent is becoming increasingly complex and the digital revolution means that there are many different databases for housing candidate information, as well as many different places for reaching passive candidates.

A HR software solution in the cloud helps to combine all those potential hiring resources into one comprehensive candidate pool, which is perfect for measuring, tracking and reporting. Cloud-based solutions help recruiters to easily post job openings, create one portal for reaching multiple platforms and standardizing candidate information into a searchable and measurable source.


5. Improved analytics

The compilation of various resources into a single candidate pool helps recruiters to process applications faster and instantly spot top talents. Hiring managers can use insights from big data to produce relevant and targeted results, which help to find and compare top talents for a given position quickly.

Cloud computing solutions often offer built-in search technologies that are able to combine the employer's profile, the language of job postings and global candidate databases into a simple resume compilation, which is totally searchable and available from any device connected to the internet.

Employers can consolidate internal and external databases and access several platforms at the same time – a great help in finding, developing and pipelining candidates.

All in all, cloud computing can make your life much easier – by having access to a constantly updated talent pool, you can use cloud applications to search for suitable candidates and streamline your hiring process, effectively coming up with better hiring solutions in a shorter time frame.


Monique Rivers is an Australian tech blogger who works at Ninefold is a company providing efficient and powerful virtual servers for all those occasions when a business needs to move their ideas into the cloud. 


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