How to be a Social Media Rockstar (Cheetah, if you please)

By Brittany Hege

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You don't have to go to great lengths, like getting a Google tattoo on your back in a horrible medieval font, to become a well-respected social media specialist.

Everything you need to evolve into a social media rockstar is already at your fingertips. You just have to hone in on your inner cheetah. And by that, I mean you need to be hungry enough to hunt your way to the top of the social media food chain.

Remember the way of the Cheetah, young social media cub.

But before you can reach cheetah status, you need to decide how you want to represent yourself in the digital space. I'm talking about your Twitter bio, a kind of virtual name tag.

Choose a fierce title that will establish your dominance in the social media kingdom.

Be creative and use strong words like “Media Maestro” or “Interactive Guru”. Just make sure your description doesn't end up sounding something like a Screamo band name. “Digital Slayer?" Meh. “Social Media Cheetah?" Much better.

Whatever badass badge you come up with, be sure it gives off an ere of confidence that will set the stage for successful social media engagement. That's right, I said engage. You have to actually talk to people online, whether that be by replying to comments on your personal blog or tagging your favorite company in your Facebook status.

Be bold like a Cheetah. Stalk and hunt down business with cat-like agility.

Looking for a job? Follow your prospective boss on Twitter and learn his or her likes and dislikes. When you find a common interest, say grammar, pounce! Send him or her a funny, yet appropriate, meme like “Tracy Morgan on Grammar”

Good luck, and if you just remember these tips, your online presence will skyrocket. So log on and get fed, young cheetahs.




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