How to Hire Good Software Developers: Useful Tips That Work

By Ray O’Donnell

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Programming has become an increasingly desirable skill in the labor market for a long time. According to Statista, the number of software developers in the world is predicted to reach 28.7 million software engineers by 2024.

If you are an owner of a mobile app development company should be aware of how much does it cost to make an app. It helps to judge the salary package for your mobile developers and without knowing the development cost you can't judge what you have to pay to your developers. Costing of mobile app development is a crucial factor for an app development agency. 

Hiring a developer and technical manager can be a real challenge. Typically, companies have to compete with employers to find the best talent. Suit a programmer and a technical manager for your e-commerce website or online store over e-commerce platforms should have the same technical knowledge that is required of him.

How to hire the best Developers

You need to build high trust digitally to attract the right candidate. You can learn from the top digital trust & cybersecurity companies to build good trust in the tech market so that it boosts your digital brand value and defiantly it will help you attract good suit candidates for your recruitment process campaign. Good developers always like to join high trusted companies and if not found satisfaction then they go to start their own startups.

However, not every programmer is good enough to start working in a professional company right away. Especially in our time, where many people learn programming on their own. Then their skills such as designing apps with coding, compiling testing, user-testing, and many more are very difficult to test since they do not have any certificates or diplomas confirming their knowledge and practical skills.

Therefore, you need to use helpful tips that really work and you can hire the best talent for your web and mobile app development services agency work. The best talent is an asset for your agency always so invest your maximum efforts to hire and sustain good talents.

What attracts developers?

You might think that high pay is the most important incentive for developers. In fact, this was the case before. However, things are completely different now. Money is less and less important to them, today the benefits that work gives are more important. Programmers are increasingly paying attention to how interesting the project is and whether it allows them to develop skills.

In addition, good communication in the company between the employee and the employer becomes something important. You can also, build a safe working environment for improving employee safety in your organization.

Review and interview

By interviewing selected candidate screening process, you will learn more about the approach, attitude, personality, and work experience of software developers. This may not be in the form of an official interview, usually, a video call interview over a Zoom call or a Google Meet or a Skype interview is enough to understand if this person meets your needs or not.

During a conversation, you can notice several nuances that are often overlooked: organization, punctuality, and communication.

For example, the best technology journalists have advanced skills such as excellent verbal and writing skills with correct grammar, excellent knowledge of digital gadgets and technical operating skills, etc, and these skills can easily be noticed while an interview process.

A few more criteria that may indicate a candidate's suitability for recruitment:

  • If you start to notice oddities during the interview or during the hiring process (for example, the developer is not very responsive to communication), imagine what it will be like during the project itself.
  • It is always recommended to prepare for your interview in advance. Review your requirements, project description and decide what questions you want to pose. The main goal is to make sure that the developer meets your requirements, how easy it will be to work with him and whether he can deliver on his promises.
  • You can leverage a person finder tool to find the right talent.

Take a closer look at the potential employee

Before you start searching for developers to deliver your project, we recommend preparing a software requirements specification. This document contains detailed information on the technical skills (programming languages, platforms, development tools) that you need to look for in the potential candidates. 

If you are looking for a developer, you can ask them to show you the projects they have already completed. The programmer's level of communication is very important as he will have to effectively communicate progress, demonstrate adherence to a schedule, and show that he is completing all stages of the work. Also, how he is habitual about time tracking and employee measurement activities.

It is very crucial because as we know By using an hours tracker to track the time you and your employees spend on various tasks, you really get an insight into workplace productivity. For this purpose, you can use a free hours tracker and learn.

Industry knowledge

Many companies are trying to hire software developers with a lot of experience. However, it is better to choose based on the tasks and knowledge. A seasoned software developer is invaluable for any project, but even they require time to adapt to new technologies and processes. For further insights on streamlining your development process, you can read more on Designrush, offering comprehensive guides and resources tailored to industry professionals.

Websites and online stores are not created or used separately.

They have to work with browsers, use modern design standards, and efficient database schemas, integrate with other frameworks or platforms such as collaboration tools, time management, and task management software, offer secure data storage, and integrate with programs and other features.

These online resources are always at risk due to online hackers and so the prospective candidate should aware of these security risks to protect your business from ransomware attacks.

Either way, an employee who knows their area of work will perfectly fulfill all your needs and will be the ideal choice for employment.

Ability to deal with pressure

The world of software development is complex. Sometimes the pace of mobile app development is crazy. That's why it's important to go for someone who can handle what's thrown their way.

This could range from using a white-label mobile app builder and creating software requirements to naming things such as functions, variables, and procedures on the fly. Remember, developers are always under the pressure of high expectations and rather tight deadlines.

Needless to say, they must have nerves of iron to withstand it all. If you do not want to lose your developer during the development of a project due to a nervous breakdown, it is better to choose someone who is sufficiently stress-resistant from the beginning.

One way of finding this out is by taking a surprise test using an online form with questions related to stress management. This can significantly assist in identifying the suitable candidate. Following this evaluation, you can book an appointment for an interview process.

If you are not familiar with online form creation then you can leverage an online form builder to create one. Check out this list of the best online form builders created by giosg and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Ability to work in remote teams

Knowing how to work in a team will always be a separate requirement, but it is a very good skill for a programmer. The skill will cover basics such as using Slack or Skype to be able to work professionally with people you don't know and have your own conference calls.

It is also worth paying attention to whether the candidate can sympathize with others and sincerely cares about the emotions and state of people, then, most likely, he will become a good team player.

These are critical considerations when hiring an offshore team, especially since there's a high potential for conflict and misunderstanding when people are restricted to virtual or online communications only. 


As with all professionals, this quality is also important for software developers. Responsible people are more likely to get the job done properly. As a rule, such people are leaders and serve as role models, they set the bar for work and the quality of the team at a sufficiently high level.

If you are looking for a team leader, make sure the candidate is ready to take full responsibility for the job.


Individuality can be seen in how the elements of the program are organized. Of course, template-based programs are not going to hit the public and are unlikely to attract the attention of millions. On the contrary, ingenious and bold solutions attract users and increase the use of the program.

While creativity isn't a common trait, it's nice to have a developer on your team who can think outside the box.

Outline skills

The analytical mind is a very important function since without it it is impossible to solve a problem or find the optimal solution. Therefore, when creating software, a developer must not only ensure that the code works as expected but also be able to propose innovations adapted to the respective project.

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic. Therefore, programmers, whether they like it or not, must have a desire to constantly develop and learn technological innovations. You assign them to solve jigsaw puzzles and can test their thinking process.

People who know new technologies and are open to new ways of learning have a definite advantage. It is the willingness to develop that quickly fills knowledge gaps.

Even if the programmer is a novice with no experience, but proves to the employer that he wants to learn, he is a very good candidate for the job, and this must be taken into account in the hiring process.

Be guided by experience, not cheapness

Good programmers are not cheap. Yes, there are exceptions, but if you're looking for them, you can play the lottery. Of course, you don't need a perfect programmer, but you want your product development to be top-notch.

Performance management is the right way to track your employed experience and his capability to perform.

Also, they are always happy to learn so you can create a position yourself as a trusted expert in your field and the aspirant will attract toward your come to learn more skills and knowledge.

Finding candidates in the right places

Undoubtedly, various statistics show that the most popular place to find a web developer is “direct search”. Better to use portals with professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. The opportunity to find a programmer is also provided by Facebook or rather by groups dedicated to IT.

When you want to hire remote developers, online communities like GitHub and Stack Overflow are worth checking out. Also, a Google search for "special software development" will help you in choosing a reliable employee.

Also, there are other options than hiring an in-house employee. Some of the most common ways nowadays are outsourcing and IT staff augmentation. They let you cover a team’s skill gap by contracting dedicated developers who will match specific IT project needs.

Build the candidate's trust

Building trust and good relationships with employees is critical to achieving excellent results. People are more open and willing to work with employers they can trust. One of the best recruiting tactics is to mirror candidates. It consists of repeating keywords that appeared in the resume of a potential employee.

Always stop short before moving on to the next question - this encourages the developer to expand on this topic.

Whenever you notice during a job interview that a candidate has a particular interest in a particular topic, pay attention to it.

Another way to build trust is to recognize in advance any negative aspects of the project and potential risks. This makes you an honest employer in the eyes of the developer.

Stand out from other employers

Contact through announcements or e-mail is the only chance to interest the future employee in his project. Don't post long boring intros or company descriptions because no one wants to read them.

Think about what might attract the attention of a potential candidate - interesting benefits, interesting projects. Write an ad or message that interests you and encourages you to contact.

Nothing but details

Don't waste your time or the programmer. Your offer should only contain specific data. List what programming languages you need, what form of employment, and its conditions.

For example, in programming and developing a customer data storage app GDPR is a crucial aspect and candidates should aware of how is important to maintain personal data security and have a complete understanding of the general principles of GDPR.

This will allow you to connect with people who are truly interested, good fit, and have the skills to complete the assignment.

Apart from this, you can share about your internal work environment, training facilities like skill development, stress-removing course, workplace harassment course, etc. These are the factors which are very important for good talents in compensation to salary packages.


Now you have everything to find a specialized developer to help you with your project. By following these guidelines, you will find a suitable developer or to create, for example, a great mobile application.

Please note that each member of the development team leaves their own brushstroke on the canvas of your project.

This means that the quality and impression of the final result depend on each author. Therefore, follow the guidelines 

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