How To Hire Quality Talent Faster With AI-Recruiting Software

By Ray O’Donnell

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A survey made by LinkedIn in 2018 showed that businesses find the use of AI a faster and more effective way of hiring quality candidates. 

The trend has grown exponentially over time, where hiring professionals prefer AI-powered chatbots and tools to help carry forward the selection process of applicants for a vacant job post.

The employment of conversational chatbots is one of the most widespread approaches to talent acquisition products currently observed. These bots offer suggestive information to the interested candidate and bring them on board. 

Additionally, the screening process, interview, scheduling meetings, and a lot more can be regulated with ATS software equipped with specialized recruiting technology. 

In this article, we will be discussing how hiring quality talent is made faster and easy with AI. And how it can be implemented in the most productive way. 

Know about AI-Recruiting Software 

For HR officers, the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate, streamline their recruitment processes and evaluate potential job seekers has been made seamless through AI recruiting software.

Thanks to the development of recruitment apps with AI capabilities, HR managers are finding it easier to shortlist suitable profiles among the bulk of job applications they receive. Moreover, the post-screening procedure levels up the task burden.

The specialized software integrated with the ATS enables the employer to perform high-volume cores by reducing repetitive tasks, automating screening, and developing insights for appropriate matches of the role. 

AI-based recruitment software can help you to hire good developers, testers and customer supports team for your organization. You can speed up your recruitment process and can save time as well.

Accelerate your Talent acquisition process with AI

According to the 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report

  • 58% of recruiters agreed that AI helped them in sourcing candidates.
  • 56% responded positively to AI being useful at the screening stage.
  • While 55% admitted it to be beneficial in bringing the candidates on board.

The above data suggest that the technology-driven hiring approach to recruitment can be a real boon to the process. 

Let’s have a look at the solutions AI recruitment software offers in various domains of hiring. 


HR professionals go through a lot of struggle while sourcing candidates, even if it is just for a single job role. The confession comes directly from the people of the industry. 

The time spent amounts to one-third of their workweek! 

To lessen the workload and maximize the pace of recruitment initiation, an AI-based approach is considered by most of the talent acquisition teams, positioning themselves as an innovative recruiting brand in the competitive market.

Using an ATS like iTacit, employers can save time, reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person due to unconscious bias, and find potentially qualified applicants from a much larger pool – including those who applied for different jobs in the past.

AI-enabled software can integrate with the dynamic QR code tools and with this integration you can auto-generated QR codes for the participants in your online recruitment drive events. The events can help you generate a good database of prospective candidates. For instance, employers can easily add QR codes into promotional materials. Candidates can then use their mobile phones to scan a QR code from a job fair, directing them to a unique landing page where they can engage with a chatbot to learn more about the company or available job openings.


Smart software solutions provide automated screening procedures. The AI tool screen the resumes of the candidates based on the information and requirements fed by the recruiter into the system. 

The user can feed data regarding tenure, education, past job performance, turnover rate, etc to filter out the most suitable applicant from the bulk. 

Some extra details of the employees can also be fetched as AI software offer automated scanning of the public data of their previous company and their social media profiles. 

“Olivia” by Paradox is one such efficient software for the task. 


Establishing communication between the employer and the candidate is crucial to better understanding the requirements of the job and analyzing the skills acquired by the job seeker. 

Chatbots ensure real-time interactions with the potential suitor and provide personalized solutions to the queries raised. IBM chatbots are some of the busiest ones that answer 700 questions a day. 

These chatbots can be configured and customized according to the job requirements and thus offer a dynamic interactive environment to the hirer as well as the applier. 


Interviews have traditionally been a human-based task. Though, with technological advancements such as interview management tools and the introduction of machine learning into real-life situations, interviewing too is experiencing a revolutionizing phase. 

Recruiters are shifting to digitized interviews where AI software makes assessments of the candidates by analyzing their responses on various metrics. 

In the present scenario, studying the answering patterns, raising counter questions, observing expressions, and judging the relatability of the candidate for the job post can be automated through artificial intelligence. 

Acknowledge the Best AI tools for hiring

Hiring a candidate for a vacant role was looked after as a mundane task and time-consuming activity until AI-recruiting software came into the picture. Here’s how!

  1. Any recruiting process begins with sourcing. With appropriate keyword searches, the tools listed below will give a boost to the initial stage of your hiring. 
  • Social Hire
  • AmazingHiring
  • Arya
  • Seekout
  • Fetcher
  • Manatal etc. 
  1. Moving forward to screening, software tools like Humanly and Olivia can be a great fit for the purpose. These tools automate, recommend, and schedule hiring based on the inputs from the hirer.  
  1. There are a few video screening software as well to ease the interviewing process. These are:
  • MyInterview
  • HireVue 
  1. Some platforms also offer end-to-end solutions to all recruitment activities, including sourcing, screening, and chatbot feature. A few of them are listed below:


Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends survey made in the year 2019 on the recruiter's take on hiring talents revealed that 61% of them found it challenging to get well-qualified hires. 

Contrarily, most professionals (About 80% of them) suggest the use of AI technology as a true help in increasing productivity and performance in the recruitment process. 

The quote by Colin gives a picture of how human-led technology can transform the present working scene of the industry. 

“Technology and Humans should find ways to work together as we head towards the future.” AI recruiting software is the future of hiring, as believed by many industrial executives. 

As justified in the article, it proposes a strategic and organized approach at every recruiting stage and maximizes the performance to provide a faster-paced hiring solution. 

Happy Hiring with AI!!


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