Identifying Your Company's Employee Brand Ambassadors


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As a professional recruiter, you already know that developing a company brand is vital to your total success as an organization because it helps gain exposure in the market. But did you know that improving your brand message and developing brand ambassadors can also have other key benefits to your company? For example, by educating your employees about using social media to share your corporate culture, you could be attracting better candidates as well as future customers for your company.

Who are Your Brand Ambassadors? 

However, it is critical to identify early on who your brand ambassadors are so they are sharing a message that consistently produces positive results. Let’s look at who makes up your most powerful brand ambassadors and how you can harness this valuable resource.

Your brand ambassadors are your employees

Just look around you. Chances are, you have a great team of employees who willingly share the positive aspects of working for your company. In fact, today’s employees are more connected to their peers and networks than ever before. Thanks to social networks, personal blogs, and review sites – how and what your employees are talking about can either make or break your corporate brand. Give them reasons to share the positives of working for your company by making the culture one of sharing and celebrations.

Your brand ambassadors are your clients

Another source for brand ambassadors are the very people you serve – your clients. Find ways to make your clients speak volumes about your company by making sure they have above average positive experiences. Your employees should be trained on how to deliver the best service and quality of products and work. Making raving fans out of customers can be a part of your corporate culture. Demonstrate this by highlighting achievements of your clients and sharing success stories. Never let a good moment pass by without recognizing your clients and asking them to do the same for your business.

Your brand ambassadors are your leaders

Amid your company ranks are leaders on every team. From line managers to the CEO of your company, the brand is developed strategically by these leaders. Get leaders on board by showing them the tools for sharing the corporate brand. Use the company mission and vision statements as guidelines for crafting a brand message that the rest of the world will see as strong in the market. One way that many leaders are doing this well is through the use of company blogs in which they share their thoughts and ideas, along with news of upcoming trends in their market.

Why Brand Ambassadors are Important

There are several reasons why brand ambassadors are critical to the success of your company. First, consider that your brand always goes before you in the form of online content and news feeds. Second, your brand message is a direct representation of how much you care for your employees and your customers.

By sharing your brand in an authentic way, you are offering a friendly and transparent view of the amazing things you offer the world. Brand ambassadors are the real people who support this transparency and help get others excited about what your organization is doing. It’s a positive aspect of business you never want to miss out on.

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