Industry-Specific Social Networks: Yea or Nay?

By Cheryl Morgan

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Which networks do you include in your social recruiting strategy? Most recruiters focus on the big three: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Google+ has been gaining traction during the past couple of years, and recruiters are now seeing the value of visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. But as more people hop on the bandwagon, those platforms become increasingly noisy, resulting in information overload for both recruiters and candidates alike. Have you gone beyond the mainstream social networks to look for candidates? Are industry-specific social networks worth your time? Read on to find out.

Socil networks
Should you reach out to candidates on industry-specific social networks?


Benefits of Industry-Specific Networks for Professionals

Industry-specific networks offer several benefits to both active job seekers and passive candidates. They provide professionals the opportunity to engage with like-minded people. These networks allow them to keep their ear to the ground for the latest trends and industry-related news, allowing them to position themselves as experts in their fields. Moreover, network users don't have to wade through pictures of their cousin's baby and updates about what their friends had for lunch to find relevant work-related content.


Benefits for Recruiters

If you can get in, industry-specific networks are an excellent resource for finding candidates with active interests in their careers. These candidates are motivated, knowledgeable individuals who enjoy learning more about their profession to improve themselves. By engaging with these candidates, you can get an idea for how knowledgeable they are about industry news and trends, an increasingly important trait as technology propels changes across most industries.


Potential Pitfalls

Although you're likely to encounter highly knowledgeable candidates on industry-specific networks, getting in may not be as easy as you'd think. Many networks, especially those for physicians, lawyers, police officers, researchers and financial professionals are highly restricted to protect user privacy and to ensure compliance with industry regulations. 

These networks also have less of a reach than mainstream networks. Many people, even those who work in said industries, don't even know about these networks. You'll also miss out on entry-level candidates, as industry-specific networks cater more to established professionals. 


Final Word

Because developing and implementing a social recruiting strategy requires a significant amount of time and resources, only you can determine if industry-related networks are a good investment for you. In general, the lower potential for reach and the barriers to entry make these networks unappealing to recruiters.


Social networks
Each of the mainstream networks appeals to certain industries.

That doesn't mean that you can't network according to certain industries, though. The popular social platforms each have characteristics that appeal to certain professionals. According to Business 2 Community, mainstream platforms are best suited to the following industries:

  • Twitter: technology businesses, news, sports and marketing
  • Instagram: visual industries such as food, hospitality, fashion and architecture
  • Google+: tech, engineering and small businesses 
  • Pinterest: industries that target females, fashion, food and DIY
  • LinkedIn: all business professionals
  • Facebook: marketers and business owners

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