Influencers in the Social Recruiting World


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One of the keys to ensuring you maximise your effectiveness on social media is undoubtedly to connect with influencers in your field. Whatever message you are hoping to share with the market, it's going to take years to get your social profiles from zero followers to the point where they have a sizeable and engaged following.

That's one reason why influencer outreach is so important. If you're able to have an influencer share your posts with their sizeable and engaged following, you stand to shortcut the time it takes to start generating a meaningful response. Hence we were thrilled to see compile lists of influencers in the social recruiting world - a really useful resource (and we were elated to see ourselves included!).

Individual Influencers in the Social Recruiting World

Two infographics follow, together with some ideas about how you can effectively connect with influencers. The first infographic shows the leading advocates, based on an analysis of 3 months' of data. These are the people mentioned most frequently in social posts that link to content related to recruiting and staffing. | Infographic | The Faces of Recruiting & Staffing

Tips For Engaging with Influencers in the Social Recruiting World

When it comes to engaging successfully with influencers, it's really not rocket science! People warm to people who are helpful, friendly, interested in you, who don't come across as self-centred, who actually make the effort to strike up a conversation. So here are some ideas of things you could try:

  • When you see these influencers writing articles and blogs, take a moment to post a comment with your own insights at the footer of their article. Share this content on social media and tag the influencer as the author and publicly acknowledge them.
  • When you see influencers sharing content via social media, try sharing it in turn and including their social profile in your reshare so that you help raise their profile and so that they are aware you've shared their content.
  • Thank influencers whose tweets and content shares you've found to be interesting or helpful. Add your own observations when resharing to spark a conversation.
  • Introduce influencers to other knowledgeable people you think they should know and be connected to.
  • Be personable and enthusiastic in your dealings with them.

Notice that none of the above approaches involve you asking for the influencer's help, telling them about your services, suggesting to them social posts that they might like to share. In our experience, the best way to win influencers over is to help them without expecting anything in return. More often than not, you'll find your efforts are repaid by the influencer showing an interest in what you do and what you're sharing. But keep in mind that seeming desperate is never a trait that makes people warm to you!

Recruiting Brands Whose Social Posts Get A High Level of Engagement

Alongside the individual social recruiting influencers, HRmarketer also assessed the recruiting brands mentioned the most in social updates that link to content related to recruiting and staffing. These are brands who - if not in direct competition with your business - could be very open to the idea of sharing one another's updates and helping one another to build a following. | Infographic | The Solution Providers of Recruiting & Staffing

Hopefully the above gives you some food for thought about who to approach to leverage your social media presence - and also how to go about trying to engage with them.

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